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What if the sun went out?



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There are a lot of answer out there but there been great research about our sun going Nova. First of all Our sun is too small to become a black hole, second of all our sun can't go through the phase of super nova as our sun is too small. It can only go through Nova. If the sun where to go out right now Life would end instancely well not quite it takes 6 minutes for light to travel to earth from the sun. Our sun is not going go out now but if it did all life would end and our earth would be sucked into the sun. "The life-giving, aging star we orbit is using up its fuel supply and will collapse within 7 billion years. Before that, though, there will be an agonizing period of repeated swelling, as the sun grows into a red giant. How giant? "Earth will end up in the sun, vaporizing and blending its material with that of the sun," said Iowa State University's Lee Anne Willson"