What if u find out the reason the guy u like hasn't asked u out is because hes worried u are going to cheat on him even though he knows ur not that kind of person. -hes been cheated on twice recently?

He's been cheated on twice? Doesnt that give you a clue? Think about it, if you dated three guys. One of them cheats on you with your BEST friend, the second one cheats on you with someone else, and the third one breaks up with you (he may not have had three but it helps with the explanation). Right now in time, you are feeling betrayed. You trusted three people and two of them let you down. They CHEATED on you. When someone cheats, you feel betrayed, you feel like you just arent good enough. Would you trust another person again? No, you are worried that they might cheat on you. ITs all an issue of trust.