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Simply, call the police!

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Q: What if you are hit in a car accident and the person who hit you has no insurance?
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If person you hit in car accident has already been paid by their auto insurance co. can the insurance co sue you?

They can

What is meant by California collision car insurance?

Collision insurance means that if you were to get in an accident the insurance company would pay to fix your car instead of the person's that you hit.

Car accident and the person who hit victim did not have insurance but victim does?

then it turns into a legal matter where the person who didnt have insurance gets sued for losses and medical expenses

If a car is stolen and has an accident are the vehicles hit covered by insurance?


What happens if your car was hit parked and you know who did it?

Fill out accident report with police. The person's insurance will pay for repairs.

What happens in a motor vehicle accident when the other person who hit you doesnt have car insurance?

They have to pay for your repairs themselves

If you have a car accident in someone else's car and they have full coverage will that cover the damages to the car you hit?

Usually, if the driver had the owner's permission to drive. What happens if the car is owned by the person that has the accident but the insurance is in your name? However you no longer want to be in that relationship or to have to pay that insurance?

If in a two-car accident one runs a stop sign causing the other to hit a house would the insurance of the one that caused the accident be liable or the one that damaged the house?

The person who hit the house would have to pay for the damage but that person can go back to the person who hit him causing the accident in the first place. It would work the same way as a three car accident.

If you were hit in a car accident and the person who hit you is at fault but at the time you had no car insurance what are you entitled to now that it has been proven she is at fault?

you were the at fault driver for the simple fact that you did not have insurance. Which means you should not have been on the road in the first place. If you had'nt been on the road the accident would'nt have happened.

Does your auto insurance deductible cover your car and the car that you hit in an accident?

You do not pay a deductible for the car that you hit. Your liability coverage does not have a deductible.

If your car was parked and you got rearended and the accident was not your fault but you had no car insurance will the person who rearended you have to pay for your car and your injurys?

Yes. When your car is parked all medical bills and repair costs are the responsibility of the person who hit your car.

What does property damage liability car insurance cover in an accident?

Property damage liability car insurance will cover the individuals car and property that you hit. It will not cover anything to do with your vehicle if the accident is your fault.

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