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It is not illegal to have an affair with your teacher, but it may be awkward to have to sit in class and get lectured by the person that you are sleeping with.

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Is it illegal for a teacher to date a student and if yes why?

It isn't illegal if both are adults...it is called 'conflict of interest' if the student is in a class that the teacher is teaching. That is a serious breach of professionalism.

Is it illegal to have a relationship with someone who is on a teacher apprentiship at another school?

as long as there is no conflict of interest, that both parties are of a responsible age.

Is it illegal to date your teacher if you are 19?

It is not illegal by any state laws. However, it may be unethical by school rules. Are you (19-year-old) still in high school, and is the teacher a highs school teacher? If so, it is unethical and the school may consider it misconduct. The same may apply if both 19-yr.-old and teacher are in the same university.

Is it illegal for a teacher to call a project a contract if you have to do it?

It's not a legal contract unless both you and the teacher signed it willingly. It's also no big deal for your teacher to use the word " contract ". So keep your cool and do your job.

Which is better Kingston college or Richmond college?

well they are both about as good as each other as they are both in section F in the rankings

What is the motto of Cochin University College of Engineering Kuttanad?

Cochin University College of Engineering Kuttanad's motto is 'May learning illuminate us both, the teacher and the taught'.

If a husband and wife are both listed on the deed for a house can one refinance without the others knowledge?

no, it is illegal both on the house - both have to sign one can sign a quick claim deed and then the other can refi the house? no, it is illegal both on the house - both have to sign one can sign a quick claim deed and then the other can refi the house?

Is protists plant or animal?

it is both i believe if my teacher is correct then it is BOTH! =]] hope i helped! it is both i believe if my teacher is correct then it is BOTH! =]] hope i helped!

Is it wrong for a 13 year old girl to fall in love with a 24 year old math teacher?

Yes. The student and the teacher are in a rleationship that is different from romance, and it is illegal for a teacher to have a romantic contact with a student. Both the student AND the teacher are in for major legal problems- and the age difference between the two is far too great. Bad idea.

What is the difference between effective teacher and efficient teacher?

An effective teacher is one who completes his/her task in time not realizing how far his teaching is received on other end. Weightage of his teaching must be considerably less. An efficient teacher does fulfills both,

What qualification does a teacher need?

Each state is a little different but to be a teacher in grade school or high school you have to finish college. While in college you have to take certain courses on teaching methods. You also spend several weeks in a school working with a teacher to get some experience under supervision (that is part of your college training). When you complete this college program you will get both a college degree and a teaching certificate. The teaching certificate is required for you to teach in that state.College teachers are not required to take courses on teaching methods but they have to go to graduate school and get an advanced degree (usually a Ph.D or equivalent) in their field of specialty.

What college teams have played each other the most times in history?

Lehigh University and Lafayette College, both in eastern Pennsylvania.

What is masculine of teacher?

The word "teacher" is both masculine and feminine. There is no specific masculine form of teacher in English.

Is it illegal to kiss your sister if you both want to do it?

It's not illegal, but it is morally questionable.

Do you have to take both the ACT and SAT when applying for college?

No some schools prefer one or the other you should check with the college to see which they prefer.

Is Anne Sullivan a teacher or interpreter or both?

Anne Sullivan was an interpreter and teacher.

Is class' teacher a correct possessive of class?

Both the class' teacher the class's teacher are considered correct

Does prank call legal or illegal?

well in some states it is and some other places its not.so its pretty much both.

What is the noun in the sentence your teacher bought one ruler?

There are two nouns. Teacher and ruler are both nouns. teacher and ruler

Is a teacher as important as a scientist?

A scientist may be a teacher as well. Both are mostly important.

Who is at fault if the driver in front of you makes an illegal U turn and you hit them?

BOTH drivers are in violation. The other driver for making an illegal turn, and you for driving without due caution or following too closely.

How can you get your son into a soccer team in US?

The USA soccer team is some what similar to a college team, process wise. They do both recruitment and they also have tryouts for their other strings. They recruit off of college teams and other minor leagues, but mostly college.

Is it illegal to date someone 15 when your 11?

No. So long as you are both under 18, then it is not illegal.

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