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no, it is illegal both on the house - both have to sign one can sign a quick claim deed and then the other can refi the house? no, it is illegal both on the house - both have to sign one can sign a quick claim deed and then the other can refi the house?

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Q: If a husband and wife are both listed on the deed for a house can one refinance without the others knowledge?
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Does a wife need an insurance to drive husband's car?

In most states, anyone who drives a car needs to be listed on the insurance. If an accident were to occur then the husband could be liable for allowing the car to be driven without insurance.

How do you get your mortgage payments counted on your credit score if you are on the deed but not on the mortgage?

Refinance the mortgage with you listed as a borrower. You will not be reported to the credit bureaus by being listed on the deed since you have no obligation to pay the debt.

Was a new law passed in Jan 2004 saying that you can not refinance your home if it was listed for sale within 6 months of the application?

I have been a mortgage originator for over 10 years and I am not aware that any such law exists. Different lenders have their own criteria but most would allow a refinance if the property has recently been listed for sale. They would merely require proof that it is no longer on the market and a letter explaining why it was listed for sale and why you took it off the market. I am being TOLD that we cannot refinance our home if it has recently been on the market. I was wondering what mortgage comapny that you work for so I might get refinanced?

If a husband and wife divorce can the wife get the vehicle if the husband and mother are listed as the title holder?


Who do you list first husband or wife's first name?

The husband's name is listed first.

When propery or assets are owned as husband or wife or signed as husband and wife what's the difference?

Depending on your specific state statutes; in most cases the asset distinction is thus: If title to asset is listed as --- AND ---; then to sell or dispose of the asset, BOTH signatures must be on the sale whereas if the title is listed --- OR --- then either person can dispose or sell the titled asset WITHOUT the secondary signature.

Will a lender refinance a mortgage on a home that is listed for sale?

I do not know of a lender that will allow you to refinance a home that is actively listed for sale. There are several lenders that will allow a rate and term ( "No Cash Out" ) refinance the day after a home is removed from the MLS. There are a couple of lenders I work with that will allow a Cash-Out refinance the day after the home is removed from the MLS. Other important considerations that need addressed are * Is the home a primary residence / second home? * Is the property an investment property? * What is your intention for the property in the future? I frequently refinance homes that have just been taken off the active market. Please feel free to contact me if you have specific questions and I will be happy to assist you. Just Click on "TheMortgageExpert" link above. Jeff

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Can your husband change the deed of the house without you knowing?

If you are on the original deed, not legally. If you are not on the original deed, then the answer is yes. You can go to your local registry of deeds and order a copy of the deed to see who is listed as the property owner.

When using first names only should husband or wife name be listed first?

Husband first , unless wife is an honoree for something.

Are you responsible for your husband's debts if you are not listed in Oklahoma?

No. Oklahoma is not a community property state.

Can my husband legally change the locks on a property that I'm listed on as a resident?

no it is not legal.

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Where can I find a FHA refinance calculator online?

There are many available options online if you just do some research. One in particular is listed at give that one a try first!

Can a house be refinanced by one of the owners to buy the other owner out while it is listed for sale?

Sure, as long as you can find a lender willing to refinance the property and the action does not violate any court order.

Has alison young qvc split from husband?

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Can a ex wife receive death benefit of ex husband when he has her listed as wife this woman divorced my dad in 2005 without his knowledge because he was blind and could not even see the divorce papers?

I would seek legal help due to this was some kind of fraud... I'm no lawyer but this would have to be against the law and you should take her to court!!!!! I would get a lawyer get all your paper work together and go to trial!!!!

Can you refinance a home listed for sale?

Some lenders do have programs that allow for a customer to perform a refinance if the house is on the market. You just need to call your local lender to see if they can help you. Another option, might be to work with your real estate agent to take the house off the market long enough to have an appraisal done on the residence SOS it gives it the appearance that the home is not on the market.

How can I calculate mortgage refi rates?

If one is interested in calculating their mortgage refinance rates, there is a mortgage calculator available to those interested on the Mortgage Calculator website. There is also a calculator listed on the Zillow website.

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If your husband signs the home mortgage and is the only name listed on a deed does that make his wife an owner of the house as well just because she is his spouse in Virginia?

No. The husband is the sole owner of the property.

What forms are needed to claim bank account of deceased husband with no beneficiary listed on the account?

discuss matter with a lawyer

Can your wife be sued for husband credit debt In the state of Delaware?

If the wife was listed as a cardholder (even secondary) probably.