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Well it souds like this guy has issues. I mean if he has a girlfriend then hoe do you know he likes another girl. And have you ever seen her. He could have a fake girlfriend to make other girls jealous. Guys have to feel superior.

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โˆ™ 2009-07-31 14:47:30
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Q: What if you like a guy who has a girlfriend who goes to a different school and the guy like a girl who doesn't like him back and you don't know if he likes you back?
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What if a guy likes you but has a girlfriend and doesnt go to your school?

Don't! It has happened to me and it's you that always ends up crying.

What are signs that an ex still likes you?

if he doesnt have a girlfriend and always checks you out

What does it mean when a boy is talking to some one and when he sees you he stares into your eyes and he just stands there and he has a girlfriend?

He totally likes you, but he doesnt know what to do, like.. he doesnt know if you like him, he doesnt know if he should tell his girlfriend he likes someone else.. I can go on and on.. If you like him, tell him, he totally likes you.

He doesnt like me in that way.... what does it mean?

It means He likes you like a Friend, not a GirlFriend.

The guy that you like likes you but he has a girlfriend who he likes also but he kissed you but he doesnt want to break up with his girlfriend what should i do?

well if he kissed you you just have to tell him, that was nice and that you like him and he might brake up with his girlfriend

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Depending on what she likes, if she likes muscles then she will like a girl with muscles if she doesnt then she wouldnt want a muscled girlfriend

What gift do you give your middle school girlfriend?

anything that she likes and that it is memorable

Why did the boy you like tell you he likes you is he doesnt want a girlfriend?

because he does, he just isn't ready for a relationship.

Why does this guy that you like giving you a vicious stare?

He does that probably because his girlfriend can see that you like him and she doesnt like it and so neither does he.If he doesnt have a girlfriend then he just doesnt like you and he likes some other girl and he thinks that you are holding him back from getting her.

How should you act around your girlfriend at school?

When you are around your girlfriend at school you should act how she likes you to be not crazy and getting in trouble but calm and nice to her and others.

What do you do when you like someone who already has a girlfriend?

i have been in the exact same situation and you tell him and then ask if he likes you back and if he does then say do you wanna date or something like that and if he doesnt then he doesnt

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