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You can start taking the pill at any time during your cycle, but if it's your first cycle and you didn't start within the first five days of menstrual bleeding, you need to use a backup method for at least seven days.

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no your are supposed to start the pill on the day u finish ur period

You shouldn't start taking the pill until you have started or have just ended you period. You should speak to your doctor about when you should start taking the pill if it has been prescribed to you for cycle regulation because you will need to make sure that the reason you have not had a period is not due to pregnancy.

No, as it will stop your period and you will have terrible pains, you can only start taking them when your off, and you have to do that till you stop taking the pill or you won't have your periods.

Yes. If it is the pill that you are taking, you will still get your period. It is only contraceptives such as the shot or implant that stop your period.

You start taking the pill at the end of your period, and then, yes you will not have a period again until the break in the pill.

You can either start taking the pill on the first day of your period, which is called day one start, or on the first Sunday after your period, which is called a Sunday start.

That depends on the pill. If you are taking a Sunday start pill you should start taking the pills the Sunday after your period starts. There should be an information sheet with your pills that will tell you when to start. Otherwise, you might try contacting the pharmacists to make sure you're using them correctly.

If you start the pill on the first day of your period, you have immediate protection against pregnancy.

Yes. Even though you start your period you should continue taking the pill until you don't have any left. Then take the next pill pack. Your period can start in the middle of the pack, and it is normal.

Absolutely. You can start taking it whenever. It is recommended that you start taking the pill when you start your period. So I would suggest you wait until you get your period then start again.

Its best if you start taking the pill on the first day of your period. However you can start taking it anytime.

You start your new pack of pills when you finish your old pack. Lets say you had you last pill on a Wednesday, you then start your new pill on Thursday. If its your first pack you have ever taken then you either start your first pill on the day you start your period or on the Sunday during your period. At first you period will not go with the pill correctly; it my take a month or two for your period to adjust.

If you are taking the pill for the very first time, or if you're trying a new brand of the pill, then take the first pill within 24 hours from the start of your period. Always read the patient's information leaflet. It contains lots of directions and answers.

If you are taking the pill Yasmin and continuously take the pill after ur last pack is done, you will not get your period until the next time you finish this pack. It's a way to skip your period if you don't want it at that time.

Yes, continue taking your pills as scheduled regardless of any bleeding.

Start the Sunday that you got your period. Ex. you started your period on tuesday...start taking the pill again that following Sunday!!

It depends on the type of pill. With most pills it is recommended that you start on the first day of you period. Read the instructions or ask you doctor/nurse for advice.

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