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The semen has to be able to enter your vagina so no.

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Q: What if you use a condom and wear underwear can you still get pregnant?
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Can you get pregnant if you do not wear a condom?

obv ya tube:L

What is the best way not to get pregnant in sex?

wear a CONDOM or get a VASECTOMY

Can you still get pregent if we had unprotect sex and then after 5 min later wear a condom?

It is a little too late to put the condom on afterwards. Yes you can get pregnant with unprotected sex.

If you wear a condon can you still get pregnant?

well... Yes, only if a lot of his sperm{nut} comes out, or the condom tears. Other than that, if you wear a condom you cant get pregnant! Or if he does something stupid like put it on wrong. Friction will cause it to tear. -BriAnna Cooper

If you want to get pregnant do you have to wear a condom?

No dumby a condom is for when you don't want to get pregnant... but if your not using a confom make sure they don't have any std's

What would it mean if you dreamed that your girlfriend was pregnant?

you need to wear a condom

If a guy wears Boxers does he still need to wear underwear?

Uhh...boxers are underwear...

Do men still wear union suit underwear?

Of course. I still do.

Do women wear underwear under tights?

Some women wear underwear under tights and some do not. Tights are made to be worn without underwear, but many people do still wear them.

Can you not get crabs but still have sexual contact?

Of course. Wear a condom.

Can you get pregnant when the man penis is in their for 7 seconds?

Yes If he enters at all there is always a possibility that you can get pregnant wear a condom!

Can a women fall pregnant if a man came on her virgina?

Yes, unless you wear a condom.

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