What if your ex cheated on you twice and after a month calls you telling you he misses you he broke up with his new gf for you and wants to be with you the rest of his life and you still have feelings?


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Well. first of all if he cheated on you; he is what I like to call a man whore and only wants sex. Second of all, that is total manipulation. Sorry if it sounds harsh but just forget him.

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It'll be difficult, but don't fall for it. He cheated TWICE. One is a mistake, MAYBE. Twice is habit. He misses you after he realizes what he had, of course. It's all right to forgive him, but do not date him again. He's a smooth-talker.

The Harold Song is about Ke$ha's ex, who was the only guy she was ever in love with, and how she misses her past with him. Rumor has it he cheated on her so they broke up.

Make him jealous by going out with someone else, love him anyway or slap and find someone else that you can grow to have feelings for.

It depends. If he broke up with you it probably just means he misses you, if you broke up with him he probably wants you back.

question cont- and now you have strong feelings for him, but hes in a long distance relationship with someone whom hes never met, yet cheated on them with you, what do you do?

Ask her if she likes you or not. Do not make her feel annoyed . Tell her how you feel for her.

You don't need to tell them if you are not together. But if you feel guilty about it then be honest to yourself. Go to them and tell then face to face.

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Ronnie Radke (Falling In Reverse frontman) cheated on Crissy Henderson multiple times during her pregnancy and they broke up. Ronnie did say he regrets cheating on her and he misses Willow a lot.

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It would be wise of you to stop your hacking (curiosity killed the cat) and mind your own business. You broke the law so telling the person being cheated on will blow your cover. Most importantly the person being cheated on will find out soon enough.

Dylan and miley broke up because miley cheated on Dylan Sarah nicholls

Some guys are so use to you they miss you even if he broke up with you. Or maybe he may a mistake breaking up with you.

O.K. Well, how can you love him deeply if you didn't love him enough to care about his own feelings and stay true to him? Guys have feelings too, you know. Anyway, think if there was any reason you cheated on him in the first place. If you can think of no reason, then text him that you are sorry and you were perhaps 'lost within a mix of emotions' and you are sorry you cheated on him. He may not want to date you, but apologizing will make you feel better. Anyway, there are other guys out there, and you may find that guy who will satisfy all of your needs.

No. He was engaged to her at one point, but he broke it off because she cheated on him

They use to, but they broke up when Bow Wow cheated on her!

You never will no just hope to god she hasn't and you don't get your heart broke

It depends on why you broke up,if it was an abusive relationship then no, if he cheated no,If it was just a disagreement then yes

Adrian and Rose are characters from the novels Vampire Academy. Adrian finds out that Rose cheated when she broke up with him in order to be with Dimitri.

rachel tells finn she cheated on him with puck because she wanted to make him feel the way she felt when he cheated on her with santana so he broke up with her. but they get back together on the last episode of season 2 because finn still has strong feelings for rachel so he kissed her on stage at nationals.

If you still have feelings for your ex, you can try talking to her about how you feel, but if she broke things off without telling you why, you will need to ask yourself i it worth going back to someone who would treat you that way.

They broke up because Danny cheated on Kendra with a girl named Sinead. Unlucky. nd they broke up 2006.... ---- i swear she cheated on him. Then him and George wrote the song You Should Know By Now about it =/

Are you saying you cheated while broke up? If that is the case i would say NO, dont be in a hurry to tell him, Only if it is really bugging you , then let your conscious be your guide.

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