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Yes you need a visa

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โˆ™ 2008-11-08 11:16:47
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Q: What if your ghana passpoort is not expirei lve in the statedo you need a visa to go to ghana?
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Does a british passport holder need a visa to visit Ghana?

Yes ,you need visa to visit Ghana

Do Ghana passport need visa to Philippines?

now ghana passport need visa to enter philippine. thx

Did Ghana have visa free to Romania?

As a citizen of Ghana you need a visa for Romania.

Who scored the between Ghana and US?

i will answer it, i just need to know which game between Ghana and the US.

Do you need visa for Fiji when traveling from Ghana?

No, Ghana is one of the exempted countries on Visa to Fiji.

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Do you need an exit visa to leave GHANA?


How much Basic travel allowance do i need to leave Ghana?

i am 16 years of age if am leaving Ghana for Russia do i need basic travel allowance

What you play for bonanza on Ghana lotto game today?

i need 2sure ghana lotto bonaza game today

Do kenyans need a visa to travel to Ghana?

no, what they need is a valid passport only

Do you need bta fee to leave Ghana?

What is b.a.t

Do Ghana passport need visa to Barbados?


Why do farmers need money in Ghana?

Because it necessary

Do Malaysian need visa to enter to Ghana?


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How do I call a mobile phone in Ghana I am living in Jamaica?

If it's stored in your phone - the network will handle the call automatically. If you need to dial the number manually - you need to dial 00233 (the country code for Ghana) - followed by the mobile number you need. Mobile numbers in Ghana begin with 20,23,24,26,27,28 or 54

Do a Ghana passport holder need visa to barbados?

sure does

Do you need a visa to visit mauritius with Ghana passport?


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What paperwork does a Ghana citizen need to enter the UK?


How many tribes in Ghana?

The country which was called Gold Coast is Ghana; not Sierra Leone. That error casts credibility on all your answers which need to be verified before posting. I enjoyed 40 days in Ghana in 2008, and read Ghana has 146 tribes.

List of Ghana passport holder visa free countries?

list of countries Ghana passport holder don't need visa to visit

What nationalities make up Ghana?

Ghana is a country, therefore the nationals of Ghana are called Ghainans and hold Ghanain citizenship. I am not sure, but I think that your question, should read, "Which are the predominant tribes and/or ethnicities in Ghana." I think you need to look up the definition of the word, "nationality" and then do some research of Ghana, then you can answer your own question.