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it could mean that maybe he has found something that he doesnt like about you, that was just playing you, or that something has happened that has made him want to keep his distance from you

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What does it mean when a guy you like flirt with you a lot even though he says he doesnt?

Either he likes you. Or he's just flirting to tease you. Either that, or he's naturally flirty and he doesn't realise it. It's hard to tell with guys sometimes :/

Why don't girls normally respond when their boyfriends call?

Normally they do. If she's not responding to any of your calls, then she probably doesn't want to talk to you. Either the relationship is over and she doesn't have the decency to tell you, or you are delusional and there never was a relationship.

What does it mean when a girl likes to insult you?

She either hates you or is flirting

Is it respond to or respond for?

It can be either one, depending on your meaning. You would "respond to" a question or comment directed at you. You would "respond for" someone else who cannot respond for themselves.

What are some symbols for volume?

Normally either "v" or "V" would be used.Normally either "v" or "V" would be used.Normally either "v" or "V" would be used.Normally either "v" or "V" would be used.

Why does your friend bite you?

It's either because they are flirting, or they feel like it.

Why does one dog nibble on another dog?

they are either flirting or fighting

What does it mean when your crush looks at you and smiles but you only seen her once when you are flirting with her?

she either beingfriendly or she might actually like you. try getting her to smile at you when your not flirting

Who do boys hit girls and push them?

They do that because they have nothing better to do and sometime they are hitting on her(flirting). me: exactly! they either are REALLY big @$$holes, or they are flirting. not a big answer. yah.

What does it mean if a guy likes you and then you ignore him for a few days then when you try to talk to him later he ignores you?

he either doesnt care or hes playing hard to get, or flirting back like you just did. It means you're 12 years old. don't be in such a hurry.

Why would your brother's girlfriend flirt with your husband?

There is a probability that she is either a player or she envies you for some reason and pisses you off by flirting with your husband. Or she might simply enjoy flirting.

What does smirk mean?

Smirk means that you are have smiling. Its like you are either flirting or up to something. [:

Who doesn't live in pearl harbor?

mel doesnt live in pearl harbor because she doesnt like pearls she likes diamonds. chloe doesnt either because she doesnt like pearls either because her dad likes emeralds.

How do you know if a boy will ask you out?

We start flirting with you, and we glance at you. Then we either write you a note or get you alone to "talk"

What does it mean when a girl shows off her butt to you?

It means she is either flirting or has low moral values

He dumped me but he's still flirting with me What does this mean?

What was his reason for dumping you? If he's still flirting with you. Then it could mean two things. He either still feels an attraction to you or is just trying to mess with you.

How does a ecosystem respond to change?

An ecosystem can respond to change either disastrously or greatly. If an ecosystem is treated responsibly, the ecosystem will respond greatly, but if it's irresponsibly treated the ecosystem will surely be destroyed and respond insignificantly.

Are catholics demorcats or republican?

it doesnt matter they can be either

Why would a boy flirt everyday then stop but then his friend starts flirting instead?

When a boy flirts everyday then stop but then his friend starts flirting instead means its either they are playing you or its an integrity test.

What is considered flirting for a girl who is bisexual?

Why would it be different? Flirting is flirting. It just depends on who it is directed towards. The same types of things would be involved... compliments, touching, joking, or any of the other things that people do when flirting.

Why if a guy says he likes you but doesnt act like it?

Ask him.? Ask him why he says he likes you but doesnt act like it. Either he will answer the question or he doesnt like you..

What does it mean when someone looks at you and flicks their hair?

Well it means either their hair is annoying them or they r flirting with you.

If a girl blows you a kiss is she flirting?

Yes. Either she really likes you or she's just messing with your head.

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