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That has nothing to do with the tenant.

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Q: What if your landlord stopped paying his mortgage for a building you live in?
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Does a renter have to pay rent if a landlord isn't paying the mortgage?

The property is in CA.

What do you do when you have a lease and paying your rent but the landlord doesn't pay the mortgage?

Nothing. Just keep paying your rent. The landlord's relationship with his bank has nothing to do with you. And, if he does get foreclosed, federal law gives you lots of time before the bank can move you out.

How can a second mortgage loan be discharged?

Any mortgage can be discharged by paying it off.Any mortgage can be discharged by paying it off.Any mortgage can be discharged by paying it off.Any mortgage can be discharged by paying it off.



What is the meaning of a buy let mortgage?

A buy to let mortgage is one in which the sole purpose of the purchase of the property is to immediately let/rent it out. On the one hand the transaction provides the landlord/mortgage holder with income while retaining an equity increases in the property. The down side is where the landlord cannot find a paying tenant and could default as a result.

Who is entitled to insurance proceeds between tenant and landlord?

That depends on the type of insurance policy it is. If it's the landlord's policy on his building, with him paying the premiums, then the insurance benefits go to him. For the insurance money to go to you, then you would have had to have taken out renters insurance, with you paying the premiums, insuring the contents (your personal belongings).

Co-owner of home stopped paying their share of mortgage how do I get them to pay?

You sue them and, if they don't have the funds, you would likely start with getting their share of the asset owned.

Can a landlord enter premises and show rental if tenant is not paying rent and has refused permission?

If you are not paying rent - yes, absolutely the landlord can. If you aren't paying rent, your "refusal" has no legs to stand on.

What can cause a person to get evicted by a landlord?

not paying rent.

My husband cosigned for my 2nd mortgage and he is not on the first mortgage. if we have the same lender for both mortgages and we quit paying on the first mortgage how fast will his credit be impacted?

Since he is not listed as a borrower on the first mortgage his credit is not affected by paying or not paying that mortgage. Even if both loans are with the same company, he is only held responsible for the loan in which he signed.

Who pays the mortgage on deceased parent's home?

Unless there was some sort of mortgage insurance, the estate is responsible for paying the mortgage. If the mortgage isn't paid the lender will take possession by foreclosure. If the heirs want to keep the property they must keep paying the mortgage.

Can you take your partners name of a joint mortgage if they are not paying their half of the mortgage as per agreement?


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