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No. It could be grounds for a civil suit but it is not a criminal offense.

2006-09-10 01:22:30
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Can you sue a neighbor for spreading lies?

You can sue a neighbor for spreading lies if you can prove that the neighbor started the rumors and that they were harmful to your character. This suit will fall under slander or defamation laws.

Neighbor who makes false claims to police?

Report him? Added: Believe me, if the neighbor continually reports unfounded criminal complaints THEY will quickly be known to law enforcement.

Who played the killer neighbor in Hitchcock's Rear Window?

The character Lars Thorwald (the killer neighbor/husband) is played by Raymond Burr.

What is the difference between civil and criminal complaint?

Civil is like when your neighbor complains that you make too much noise. It can be a lawsuit too. Criminal is when you have broken the law. A criminal act has been committed.

Your neighbor is acting suspiciousshould you be worried?

If your neighbor is acting suspicious like something is up you should be worried!

What is a creative gift for a neighbor?

The best gift for your neighbor is something he or she can use. If your neighbor loves coffee, get him or her a cute coffee mug. If your neighbor enjoys gardening, a good gift would be annual flowers or bulbs.

I appeared before a Chief Criminal Judge who is next door neighbor to the victim's parents and my former in-laws do I have Legal Recourse as deprived of constitutional rights as a criminal defendant?

You could certainly appeal, but there is no guarantee that anything will happen. You would have to be able to show that there was something in what the judge did that was not within the guidelines of the law.

How can you stop a coop tenant from harassing a coop president?

Define "harassing." The entire range of criminal and civil law protections is at your disposal, the same as would be with any other neighbor/neighbor dispute.

What are some things a person can persuade their neighbor of?

throughing something on their yard

If a neighbor screams obscenities at you for no reason can they be arrested for disorderly conduct in Pa?

Yes. You can probably have them charged with criminal harassment as well.

What kind of TV character is Winnie Cooper?

The TV character Winnie Cooper appeared in the TV series The Wonder Years. She played the neighbor and love interest of the character Kevin in 98 episodes.

Your neighbor made false allegations to the EPA animal control and the code enforcement officer do you have a case of harassment?

No. However, if you can prove that: (a) the allegations were false and (b) the neighbor knew or should reasonably have known that they were false, you may have a civil case for defamation.If you are convicted of an Animal or EPA offense resulting from your neighbor's complaint, this would seriously hinder your ability to seek a civil remedy against your neighbor, since the court would be required to assume the allegations were, in fact, true.To determine your options in dealing with the neighbor, you should consult an Attorney.

What do the main character and her friends get as a hand-me-down from a neighbor in mango street?

bag of high heels

What is a totoro doll?

A Totoro doll is based upon the anime film "My Neighbor Totoro" titular character .

How can I check to see if my new neighbor has an AZ criminal record?

There are a number of websites that offer background checks. There is typically a cost for using these.

If you are supposed to deliver a gift or letter from a neighbor to a neighbor and don't do it in the time limit do you still get a gift on acww ds?

no, the character will be angry and not want to talk to you and they will also ask for the gift or letter back

What is the plot of the movie 'Arlington Road'?

Arlington Road is about a young widowed professor who suspects that his new neighbor is a terrorist. Micheal the main character, is determined to stop his neighbor through-out the whole movie.

What is the production company for the movie your neighbor totoro?

My Neighbor Totoro is a film by Studio Ghibli, Inc. and was directed by Hayao Miyasaki in 1988. Studio Ghibli is a Japanese Animation studio with their headquarters located in Kognai, Toyko. Their logo features the Totoro character from My Neighbor Totoro. Kazuo Oga was the art director for the film, who designed the color palette for My Neighbor Totoro.

What movie and television projects has Nicole Dickson been in?

Nicole Dickson has: Played Neighbor in "Wicked Attraction" in 2008. Played Good Neighbor in "Wicked Attraction" in 2008. Played Aunt Mary in "Wicked Attraction" in 2008. Played Good Neighbor in "FBI: Criminal Pursuit" in 2011. Played Margaret in "Atlantic Rim" in 2013.

Who was the character in the book called Love Aubrey from Suzanne LaFleur?

Aubrey Her Grandmother Bridget gran next door neighbor

What is the different between the civil and criminal lawyers?

criminal is something you can go to jail for but civil is like you were suing your neighbor its something you cant go to jail for.Additional: ALL attornies, regardless of the area of the they choose to specialize in all graduate from the same law schools. "The law" is such a vast field of practice that many/most find areas of it that most appeal to them, for whatever reason, and although there are 'generalists' most tend specialize in those areas they are most comfortable in or familiar with.

Name something that your neighbor has that your jealous?

Car/truck Lawn Pool Nothing Dog Money

What does it mean to dream of a neighbor dying?

In dreams, death is usually a metaphor relating to a significant change. In this particular dream, the neighbor might be a symbol of someone or something close to you that is undergoing significant change. Alternatively, the neighbor could represent a certain part of your own life that is changing or coming to an end. For example, if you or the neighbor were moving away, the dream would express the loss of your close relationship with this neighbor.

What is the verb for neighbor?

There is no verb for neighbor. Neighbor is a noun.

Who can a 13 year old ask to be a reference for a job?

How about a school teacher, fellow church member, neighbor. Anyone who can testify to your character.