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No. It could be grounds for a civil suit but it is not a criminal offense.

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Q: What if your neighbor states something about you that could be looked at as defamation of character is this a criminal act?
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Can you sue a neighbor for spreading lies?

You can sue a neighbor for spreading lies if you can prove that the neighbor started the rumors and that they were harmful to your character. This suit will fall under slander or defamation laws.

Neighbor who makes false claims to police?

Report him? Added: Believe me, if the neighbor continually reports unfounded criminal complaints THEY will quickly be known to law enforcement.

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What is the difference between civil and criminal complaint?

Civil is like when your neighbor complains that you make too much noise. It can be a lawsuit too. Criminal is when you have broken the law. A criminal act has been committed.

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I appeared before a Chief Criminal Judge who is next door neighbor to the victim's parents and my former in-laws do I have Legal Recourse as deprived of constitutional rights as a criminal defendant?

You could certainly appeal, but there is no guarantee that anything will happen. You would have to be able to show that there was something in what the judge did that was not within the guidelines of the law.

How can you stop a coop tenant from harassing a coop president?

Define "harassing." The entire range of criminal and civil law protections is at your disposal, the same as would be with any other neighbor/neighbor dispute.

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