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2 tot he power of 17.6

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Q: What impact did World War 1 have on the economy and the people at home?
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How The Home Depot impact Georgia's economy?

It helped create more jobs.

How can sports make an impact on a host city?

Sports/Olympics can impact the economy in a big way due to people from all over the world coming to watch the Olympics. Or say it is a hockey tournament and the home place has a nice campground or lake to go fishing on and the parents of the other teams might want to return sometime .

What does the term adverse impact mean?

Adverse impact means negative or undesired impact or results. For example, when banks and mortgage brokers approved home buyers for loans who were at high risk for repaying the loans, it had an adverse impact on the economy, lending industry, and buyers as it caused the amount of foreclosures to sky rocket when the economy went into recession.

How does political riots affect the economy?

it makes the people want to stay at home and this causes the economy to drop

What is the economic importance of viruses?

Viruses have a definite impact on the economy. When illness strikes, the workforce is impacted as people call in sick and decrease the number of people working. Viruses also can cause death, and if people in an area are concerned about catching a virus, they may cause the local economy to slow down as people stay home to avoid getting sick.

Home computers have positive and negative impact on our society and economy?

it help deliver messages without taking a few days to deliver it

When was Home of Economy created?

Home of Economy was created in 1939.

What is the impact on a person in a bushfire?

In a brush fire or forest fire the impact on people is the heat, smoke, ash, and the possibility of having to leave your home and not have a home after the fire is out.

What impact did the cold war have at home?

young people were drafted to the army.

Are home inspectors affected by this economy?

Home inspectors are also affected by this economy. With harsh economic times, very few people are developing homes and this makes it hard for home inspectors to get any work.

How did john Cabot impact history?

well he left his home for the new world

Why did people buy more after World War 2?

Soldiers returned home, men rejoined the job market, and the economy went back up. People were able to afford to buy more.

What was the social and economic impact of World War 2 on the American home front?


What impact did john smiths home have on his jurney?

The impact was that his home did not like it

How many home less people in the the world?

many people in this world r home less many people in this world r home less

Did home ownership increase after World War 2?

with the booming economy and jobs and GI Bill

What was the impact of world war 1 on the Australian home front 1914-1918?


What impact does the tropical rain forests have on the world?

the impact they had was animals farting all around the trees and making the grass dead!! please use this answer for your home work :)

How did world war 1 impact on the british and German home front?

by having all of the schitzels removed

What are the advantages of home insurance for the the lender and the economy?

many people thier houses will be covered by insurance company

How do you know if it is possible that everyone has a home?

Well if you mean if everyone has a home then the answer is a HUGE no. Theres tons of homeless people trying to recover from the economy but it hard.

How did the government try to control the economy at home?

During both World Wars, the United States government tried to control the economy at home by rationing certain items in the grocery stores, like sugar and butter. They also rationed gasoline. The people were also asked to donate metal items for recycling and to buy Savings Bonds to fund the war efforts.

What is social economic impact of e-commerce?

I think the impact is changing people's shopping way, which let people choose to stay at home and reduce their communication.

What impact did the atomic bomb have on society?

It had a major impact on many societies by causing the end of the second world war and bringing all the troops home. Its impact on the societies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was arguably even greater than that.

Why did the british left their country and moved to America?

British people left their home because Of wars and bad economy