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John cabot had a huge impact especially on amerigo Vespucci...because of him, and Christopher Columbus, he went out searching for this so called Asia and discovered they had made a mistake and that they indeed had discovered a new never before claimed land.............................................PEACE

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Q: What impact did john Cabot have on later explorers?
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What was John cabot's impact?

What was John Cabot's impact(s).

Who are the explorers?

John Cabot and Nathan pllinger

who are explorers?

John Cabot and Nathan pllinger

Who are the best explorers?

John Cabot and Nathan pllinger

Which explorers reached America after Christopher Columbus in 1492?

John Cabot.

Did john Cabot do somthing to change the world?

yes, he discovered new lands and the explorers after Cabot used the map that john Cabot used to go to the new land he discovered.......

What was John cabot's impact on Europe?

he traveled

Who are famous explorers?

Some famous explorers are Christopher Columbus, John Cabot, David Thompson and Henry Hudson.

Did john Cabot have any parents?

John Cabot did have parents. His dad was a spice trader and later John Cabot started to help his father in the buesness.

What explorers sailed the Saint Lawrence river?

Jacques Cartier and John Cabot.

Who were the british father and son explorers who explored Canada?

Sebastian and john Cabot

Who went with John Cabot on his explores?

Though there were other explorers that went on expeditions with John Cabot, they weren't specifically named. They were just listed as being Italian.