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The Swan River colony (Western Australia), established on Australia's western coast in 1829, was begun as a free settlement. For the first fifteen years, the people of the colony were generally opposed to accepting convicts, although the idea was occasionally debated, especially by those who sought to employ convict labour for building projects. Eventually convicts did come to Western Australia, and they were used as a cheap form of labour for many projects.

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Q: What impact did the convicts of Western Australia make?
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What reasons were the convicts transported?

to make Australia cleaner.

What did Aurthur Phillip find in Australia?

Arthur Phillip found poor soil for growing crops when he landed in Australia with a load of convicts. The convicts didn't want to be farmers, and the soldiers didn't like taking orders and thought it was not their jobs to make the convicts work.

How did Western Outlaws impact America today?

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Where did the British prisoners go once they finished their sentence?

Most of the convicts sent to Australia stayed in Australia after their sentence was completed, or after they achieved a free pardon. Australia offered far more opportunities for employment and to make a decent living than Great Britain did at the time. Many of the convicts married other convicts, or free settlers who came over, and they would be given land grants or the means to start their own trade.

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What states joined together to make the Commonwealth of Australia?

All of the colonies of Australia became states at federation, joining to make the Commonwealth of Australia. These colonies were South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales.

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What year did the English make the decision to send convicts to Australia?

On 18 August 1786 the decision was made to send a colonisation party of convicts, military and civilian personnel to Botany Bay, under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip, who was appointed Governor-designate.

What is the first sailors think about Australia?

To the sailors, Australia would simply be another port in a foreign country. It would be very much different for the convicts - despair and fear of an uncertain future would make landfall rather daunting. The convicts were there to stay (even after the sentence had been served, many never returned home, and died in Australia). The sailors, on the other hand, would be sailing away in the ship.

Why is Western Australia in Australia?

Western Australia was one of the six colonies on the Australian continent that joined at Federation to make up the Commonwealth of Australia. Great Britain had already claimed the entire eastern seaboard, and wished to prevent the French from making a claim in the west of the continent. The fourth colony to be established, Western Australia was originally claimed by the British in 1829.

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