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What impact did the explores of Europe have on the Americas?

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Destroyed all the cultures that were here, killed a majority of the people, and stole their land.

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Where in the world are potatoes from?

Potatoes originally came from the Americas and were exported by explores to Europe.

How did World War 1 impact Americas trade with Europe?

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What was greatest impact of the Columbian Exchange was?

The transfer of plants, people, and ideas between the Americas, Europe, and Africa.

What impact do you think European exploration and colonization in the Americas had on trade?

The Native Americans gave the Europeans new items to keep, and they sent those to Europe, while Europe sent goods to the Americas to give to the Native Americans.

How did the ideals of the french revolution impact political and social changes in Europe and in the Americas?

im actually not sure why sorry:/

What forms of life came from the Americas and had a huge impact on life in the Old World?

The tobacco plant is one item that made a huge impact on Europe (the old world )

Why are all the explores from Europe?

Not lots of people know

What body of water separates Europe from the Americas?

It is the Atlantic Ocean that separates Europe from the Americas.

What impact do you think the hosting of the world cup will have on south Africa?

It united the African continent as a whole, not done in Europe or Americas either.

During the age of exploration, primarily ___ explores traveled across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and first encountered civilizations in the Americas?


What Scandinavian explores and Pirates colonized much of Europe?


What was one effect of the Columbian Exchange?

introduction of new foods to both Europe and the americasThere were exchange of diseases. The small pox came into the Americas from Europe and Syphilis came into Europe from the Americas....

What was formed by ships that sailed from Europe to Africa from Africa to the Americas and from the Americas back to Europe?

triangular trade route

What are two examples of the impact the americas had on europe during the columbian exchange?

Before the Columbian Exchange, there were no potatoes in Ireland, no tomatoes in Italy, and no chocolate in Switzerland.

What effect did the wealth that Spain gained from its overseas expeditions have on Europe?

Over in the americas Spain found gold so the effect it had on the rest of the European counties mad them want to send forth their own explores to gwt gold

How did columbuss voyages impact the Americas?

Columbus showed Europeans the way to Americas.

What goods were brought from Europe to the Americas?

Throughout history, trade has been used to import materials from Europe to the Americas. For instance, sugar, wood, and coal was imported to the Americas.

What was Christopher Columbus' impact on the Americas?

what impact did columbus have on the world?

What diseases originated in Europe and came to the Americas?

Some diseases brought over from Europe to the Americas included smallpox and measles.

Gold had what kind of impact on Europe?

gold had what kind of impact on europe?

What was the Reconquista and how did it impact southwestern Europe?

What was the Reconquista and how did it impact southwestern europe?

What was the vikings impact on Europe?

The Vikings impact on Europe was that they were Farmers and Traders.

How did the Crusades impact the economy of Europe?

how did the crusafes impact the economy of Europe

What is the Religion in Europe and the Americas?


The impact of Viking culture on Europe?

The impact the vikings had on Europe was they were farmers and traders.