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The impact that water pump made in agriculture is that it help people get water more easy. Matt Hunter Loves you<3

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Q: What impact did water pump make in agriculture?
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What are the uses of water pump in agriculture?

the water pump pumps water through pipelines to the crops

What are the examples of electricity in agriculture?

General use of electricity in agriculture is for pumping the water, using automated water sprinklers, running the bore well pump.

Why did windmills pump water?

To drain marshy lands so that they can be used for agriculture.

What type of motor used in agriculture water pump?

induction motor (3 phase)

What parts on a turbine pump move to make it pump water?

the impeller of the pump, discharges the water of a steam or air or electric driven pumps.

Can the water pump make the tensioner belt fall off?

If the water pump locks up, the impeller shaft is bent, or the water pump pulley is loose yes.

What would happen if Archimedes didnt make the water pump?

If Archimedes hadn't invented the water pump, it would have greatly hindered the development of various hydraulic systems and technologies. Without his invention, tasks such as draining flooded areas, providing irrigation for agriculture, and supplying water to cities would have been much more challenging. Additionally, the understanding of buoyancy and fluid mechanics would have been significantly delayed or limited.

How do the water pump mounts on a 350 Chevy go on?

water pump will sit on engine with lower radiator hose inlet to the left, make sure you dont have a "long water pump", it wont work, 350 is a "short water pump"

Who did Samuel Morse make the water pump with?

his brother

Who is the pump make like water guy?

Will Smith

Will a bad water pump make a vehicle run bad?

No. A bad water pump can make a rumble noise and leak coolant which may lead to the engine overheating.

Does the car water pump make the car stop working?

no but if you try to run the car with the water pump out you could overheat your engine