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This is a very general question, but I'll give it an attempt. Glucose is oxidized via glycolysis to produce reduced coenzymes (2 NADH) and ATP. The product of glycolysis (pyruvate) then enters the citric acid cycle and is further oxidized to produce more reduced coenzymes (3 NADH and 1FADH2) and GTP (a high energy phosphate equivalent to ATP). The reduced coenzymes (NADH, FADH2) enter the electron transport chain and then are oxidized to release electrons. The electrons traverse the electron transport chain via several electron transport molecules and ultimately reduce oxygen to form metabolic water.

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What is oxygen combined with to release energy?


Does mitochondria release or store energy?

It release energy. It releases using Glucose (C6H12O6) and Oxygen (O2).Mitochondria release energy in glucose. Then it stores this energy in ATP

What organelle uses oxygen to release energy?


What is it called when oxygen and glucose react to release energy?


Do organelles use oxygen to release energy to glucose?


Process in which cells use oxygen to release energy stored in glucose?

The process in which cells use oxygen to release energy stored in glucose is cellular respiration. ------------------------------------------------- Metabolism, specifically catabolism.

A chemical reaction between glucose and oxygen to release energy?


Where in the body does respiration release energy from glucose using oxygen?

the buttox

What is the process in which glucose and oxygen react in cells to release energy?


Can cellular respiration or fermentation can be used to release energy depending on the presence of carbohydrates?

yes if glucose is present with oxygen it (glucose) will be broken down to release large amounts of energy. if glucose is present but oxygen is not, then it (glucose) will only be partially broken down therefore energy will be released but only in small amounts.

What is the name for the release of energy from food?

all of your cell need oxygen , so they can release energy from glucose by respiration

What is the role of oxygen in human body?

Oxygen is to be used in the release of energy from glucose during respiration.

The equation for glucose?

water + light energy = oxygen and glucose oxygen + glucose = carbon dioxide + water (+ energy)

How does a cell release energy?

A cell releases energy when glucose(food) and oxygen come together, then they produce water, Carbon Dioxide, and energy. a simpler form of this is the equation oxygen+glucose=water+carbon dioxide+energy

What reactant is needed to release energy from glucose during the production of ATP?


The chemical change of glucose and oxygen into energy?

The chemical change of glucose and oxygen into energy is called fermentation.

Process by which cells use oxygen to release energy stored in glucose?

Cellular Respiration

What is process in which glucose and oxygen react in cells to release energy is called?

Cellular Respiration.

What is a product of photosynthesis what do the plants release?

The products are glucose and oxygen. The product for the plant is energy.

What animal cell organelle uses oxygen to release the energy stored in glucose?


The chemical change of the sun's energy into glucose and oxygen-?

Photosynthesis is the chemical change of the suns energy into glucose and oxygen.

Do chloroplast release ATP?

As overall it does not. Only glucose and oxygen is released.

How does cellular respiration release energy?

Cellular respiration releases energy by breaking down glucose in the presence of oxygen.

What is the formula for photosynthesis for kids?

carbon dioxide + water + light energy = glucose + oxygen. Photosynthesis is the process that plants use to combine light, water, and carbon dioxide to make glucose for energy and release oxygen.

Why is oxygen needed for a seed to germinate?

The seed will need to respire aerobically (glucose + oxygen= energy + CO2 + Water) in order to release the energy needed to grow.

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