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The media in the Vietnam War was huge during the 1960s

they could see the war as it really was and those who lived in the United States of America could see actual vidoes and imagery of the war and the live fighting of their country.

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They programmed many pictures and horrifc photos of the Vietnam war which annoyed the US public and army therefore increased American opposition.

Because of coverage of the Vietnam War being displayed in the media, this lead to Anti-War movements thorughout the U.S.

How did the role the American media played in the Vietnam War.

French was a second language in Vietnam during the war.

The media LOVED Vietnam! They had total free reign. With the rare exceptions of the times that their cameras were confiscated and their film exposed, during certain episodes of the war.

they were used to spark protest against America's involvement in the Vietnam War

The media DIDN'T turn against the's just that pictures didn't lie.

War corrrespondents had a free rein in Vietnam. After the war the media was controlled...only allowed to go and see (report on) what the military authorized them to see & report on.

Couldn't use nukes; limited war.

This is a purely subjective observation: most of the Vietnam War era media illustrations I've seen appear to depict the futility of that conflict, in one way or another.

Pictures are worth a thousand words; the media fuelled the flames of discontent.

They were the prime instigators of the early guerrilla war stage.

The media in Vietnam was drawn to photography depicting action. Ask any video game player today...action sells!

They probably fuelled the protesters, as they did in the US.

It was split because the North had heavy Communist influence, as the South was Democratic. However, by the end of the war, it was all Communist.

It was the first war to feature nightly broadcasts on television.

The media ended up having a tremendous effect on the Vietnam War. This was the first war in history that people were able to follow on television. The stories on the nightly news fueled resistance to the draft and the war as a whole, leading to large protests to end US involvement.

The Korean & Vietnam Wars were fought to contain communism. We contained them in Korea; but they won the Vietnam War. Cold War Score: 1 and 1

The US media brought death, in living color, into every American living room.

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