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Dorothy Dix was horrified at the treatment of the mentally insane, and pushed for more humane treatments for those in insane asylums and prisons. There is a mental hospital named after her in North Carolina.

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Q: What injustice angered Dorothy Dix?
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When did Dorothy Dix die?

Dorothy Dix died in 1951.

What is Dorothy Dix's birthday?

Dorothy Dix was born on November 18, 1861.

When was Dorothy Dix born?

Dorothy Dix was born on November 18, 1861.

What was Dorothy Dix famous for?

Dorothy Dix reformed the conditions in mental institutions in the 1800's.

Who did Dorothea Dix help?

Dorothy Dix worked to help the mentally ill.

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One of the main advice columnists from the 1920s was Dorothea Dix. The column was called Dear Dorothy, and it was the precursor to other columns.

Where did the story The Scarlet Ibis take place?

It takes place in North Carolina probably near the coast, although the story itself never says where. Brother makes reference to being sent to "Dix Hill" for saying crazy things. Dix Hill refers to the Dorothy Dix Hospital for patients with mental disorders in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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