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What instruments are in jazz?

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saxaphone, celesta, french horn, cello i dont know thats all i can think of

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What is the difference between jazz dance and jazz music?

in jazz dance you dance. in jazz music you play instruments

Were oboes common instruments in new Orleans jazz bands?

No, oboes were not common instruments in New Orleans jazz bands.

What instruments are used in cool jazz?

cool jazz has banjos and guitars

What kinds of instruments are used in jazz instrumental music?

There are many instruments that are used in jazz instrumental music. Some examples of instruments include the saxophone, the trumpet, the piano, and the guitar.

What are the Early jazz instruments not used much after the early jazz period?

a cornet

What instruments are there in jazz fusion?

Jazz fusion is a type of jazz band consisting of many instruments.Various saxophonestrumpetdrumsauxiliary percussionsometimes violinkeyboardand any other type of jazz instrument

What are jazz instruments normally made of?


What main instruments were used for jazz?

The trumpet.

What instruments are used in traditional jazz?


What are features of jazz?

The main features of jazz are the instruments such as trumpets and saxophones and maybe clarinets.

What instruments did jazz players use in the 1890s?

Jazz didn't exist yet at the time.

What are all the instruments that are used in jazz?

Usually saxophones (baritone, tenor, alto, and soprano), trumpets, trombones, string bass, drum set, and piano are instruments found in a jazz band. Other instruments that are sometimes found are clarinet, flute, and vibraphone. You can play jazz with any instrument though. but the above instruments are common because of how well the sound suits jazz

What jazz musician played clarinet?

I don't think any jazz musicians played clarinet. Jazz has brass instruments.

What instruments were used in a jazz combo band?

tony dao was used in a jazz combo band

Who invented jazz?

No one person invented jazz. Jazz Music was created out of exploration of the Afro-Americans with European musical instruments.

What instruments are used in jazz band?

there is a bass drum

Are all jazz instruments brass?

There are no "jazz instruments." You can find jazz pieces written for almost any instrument, including trumpets, saxophones, trombones, flutes, clarinets, piano, string bass, vocal parts, etc.

What are some of the jazz instruments?

AnswerSome jazz instruments are piano, bass, drums, guitar, sax, flute, trumpet, and vibraphone, although it is certainly not limited to these.piano-apex

In a modern jazz band which instruments comprise the rhythm section?

The main instruments are the piano, bass, and drums, and sometimes there's also a guitar (or banjo in earlier jazz).

Who did jazz influence?

The rendition of jazz music was influenced by the European musical instruments used by the Afro-Americans.

What instruments are used in Hard-Bop jazz?

The same instruments that are used to play any jazz, primarily woodwind, brass, piano, bass, drums and guitar but jazz, hard bop or otherwise can be played on any instrument.

What instruments are used in a jazz band and why?

There are many different instruments that can be used in a jazz band. The most common include saxophones, trumpets and horns, and trombones. Some jazz bands use other instruments such as flutes, drums, and vibraphones as well. There isn't an accurate explanation as to why because jazz bands are usually improvised and comprised of different people and different musical talents and sounds.

What instruments would be in a jazz band rhythm section?


What instruments are included in a jazz rhythm section?

I need that too

What instruments were used in blues and jazz?

The most common instruments used in classic blues and jazz are the guitar and the harmonica. The trombone, trumpet and saxophone are also popular within these musical genres.

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