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There are many insurance companies that will do this for you. Get the phone book out and start making calls. You should have no problem if the only "problem" is the diving board.

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Q: What insurance company will insure a swimming pool with a diving board?
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Can an above ground swimming pool cost more in homeowner's insurance?

Usually an insurance company will not raise a price for a swimming pool but they will require a fence and lockable gate to keep children out. Also diving boards are a big issue right now andmost companies do not want to insure a home with a diving board on a pool.

What do you if your farm liability company will not insure your pool because it has a diving board?

Remove the diving board.

What insurance company insure USPS postal vehicles?

they insure themselves

Hard to insure homeowner's insurance?

Hard to insure homeowners insurance could mean that you have poor credit or represent high risk to a homeowners insurance company.

What is the best insurance company in Texas to insure a Mercury Cougar with?

There is no official best insurance company in Texas to insure a Mercury Cougar. Rates would vary depending on your driving history.

Will an insurance company insure a property without a certificate of occupancy?

no it will not

What are some car insurance companies that will insure a classic truck?

Insurance companies that will insure classic trucks include Direct Line and More Than. A company called Classic Truck Insurance also insure classic trucks.

Whose insurance covers tenants swimming pool?

If the pool belongs to the Tenant then the Tenant will have to insure it.

You have motorcycle insurance but no license will it cover?

Depends on the insurance company. There are companies that will insure unlicensed drivers.

What can you do if you have no license to get insurance under your car?

Call an insurance company. You can insure anything if you can prove it is yours.

What does the workers comp insurance company need from the employer?

The workers comp insurance company requires the employer to insure all the employees.

Can you insure 2 cars?

Yes, you can insure 2 cars but it depends on your insurance company contract. Hope it helps:)

What does the Circle Insurance company insure?

The Circe Insurance company insures many things. The Circle Insurance company insures things such as important and expensive pieces of jewelry and other accessories.

Can an insurance company insure its own employee?

Obviously they can insure their employees at reduced premia compared with premia taken from the general public.It all depends on the policies in question of the Insurance Company and is not obligatory.

What kind of company is Citizen Insurance?

Citizen Insurance is a property insurance company. You can insure your building, your contents or both. They have a range of policy options that are flexible around your requirements.

What are the insurance rates for commercial boats?

Insurance rates depend on which insurance company you choose to do business with. When you decide which insurance company you want to insure your commercial boat, you fill out a quote for your particular coverage.

What is a collector car insurance company?

A classic car insurance company is different from a regular car insurance company because the specialize in classic cars. They will be able to insure you for your more expensive classic car.

Can you insure 2 of your vehicles with one insurance company and your other two vehicles at another insurance company?

Yes, but why do you have 4 cars any way.

Does Vero Insurance offer auto insurance?

"Vero Insurance is an insurance company that is located in Australia and they insure a lot of different things. They do car insurance, as well as home insurance."

What would one insure with Rbc Insurance?

"RBC is a personal insurance company for the residents of Canada. You can get life insurance, car insurance and home insurance there. You can also get work insurance."

Will your car insurance cover damage if you were drunk?

Yes. I work at an insurance company and will always say that we insure stupidity.

How do you start an insurance company to self insure for fire only in Canada?

You don't need to start an Insurance Company to Self Insure. Self Insurance is defined by the absence of an Insurance Company. A self Insurer simply retains the risk of a loss. If you have a group of individuals who are wanting to Self Insure then what you will Want to Start Is a "Risk Rentention Group". Risk retention Groups are licensed by your Local Insurance Regulating Authority. You should contact them regarding rules and regulations for "Risk Retention Groups".

Are there any car insurance companies in Texas who won't insure women drivers?

There are no insurance companies in Texas that won't insure women drivers. Every insurance company is to insure drivers including husband, wife, teen drivers, and people who drive your car on a regular basis.

Can you insure different cars with different insurance companies?

Sure you can, although it may be cheaper to insure with the same company since most insurance companies offer multi car discounts.

Can you purchase saga car insurance in the United States?

Saga car insurance is an insurance company that is based in the UK. You would not be able to insure your vehicle in the United States using this company.