What invention did lady Edison first patent?

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How do you patent an invention?

A patent is obtained by filing an appropriate application with your national patent office (USPTO in the USA), having it examined, and having the patent issued. Under various treaties, the application and examination can be extended to other countries, for a fee (and within certain time limits), ( Full Answer )

How many patents were granted to inventor Thomas Edison?

1093 US patents were granted to Thomas Edison in his lifetime, aswell as several hundred patents in the UK, France, and Germany. Many of them, such as the "light bulb" were ruled invalid in afederal court, due to Edison's having stolen and copied materialsfrom others and claimed it as his own. Sec ( Full Answer )

What did Edison invent?

Edison invented the lightbulb,battery and allot of other things wellone of them is the phonograph lightbulb, telegragh, motion pictures, and stuff The Phonograph, light bulb and so so on Well, Thomas Alva Edison invented a lot of things! Here are some: the light bulb, electric light, the p ( Full Answer )

What invention was patented in 1858?

1858 . Hamilton Smith patents the rotary washing machine . . Jean Lenoir invents an internal combustion engine .

How do you patent an invention idea and What are the first steps to the Patent process?

Please note that an idea is not a patentable matter.\n. \nFor example, if you have an idea of a composition containing aloe vera directed to reduce sun burnts, you need to develop that idea by means of creating the product and demonstrating that the same is indeed effective to solve the problem you ( Full Answer )

How do you get an invention patented and where?

You go to the patent office where you can search the records to see if a similar invention has been patented. They will explain the details to you there or over the web. Do not publish any of your information until you have at least put in a provisional patent application. A word of advice, do it wi ( Full Answer )

What does a patent do for an invention?

It gives a right granted by the government to an inventor to manufacture, use, or sell the invention for a certain amount of time.

What did Edison invent first?

Tomas Edison invented the light bulb among other things Here's a list of his patents.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Edison_patents

First invention to be patent?

The first recorded patent of invention was granted to John of Utynam. In 1449, he was awarded a 20-year monopoly for a glass-making process previously unknown in England.

How do you get a patent on an invention?

You write a patent application, submit it with fees, deal with the various rejections and objections during examination of your application, pay the issuance fees and then you get a patent. Others have said: To patent a product or invention you must gain approval and show that the "invention" ( Full Answer )

What was the first invention Thomas Edison made?

It is pretty much agreed that the first invention of Thomas Edison was a tin foil phonograph. The idea came to him while working to improve the efficiency of the telegraph. He noticed that if the telegraph sounds were played at a high rate of speed the sounds resembled words.

When did Edison invent his first light bulb?

October 22, 1879. However, Edison did not invent the light bulb, it is a matter of documented record that Swan obtained a UK patent covering a partial vacuum, carbon filament incandescent lamp in 1860. Thomas Alva Edison patented his invention in 1879, almost 20 years later, the same year that ( Full Answer )

Who invented patent?

Athenaeus, writing in the third century AD, mentions annual culinary competitions in the Greek city of Sybaris (located in what is now southern Italy) in 500 BC. The victor was given the exclusive right to prepare his dish for one year. In England grants in the form of "letters patent" were issue ( Full Answer )

Who invented the first hideaway bed ever patented in the US?

Thomas Jefferson was the inventor of the first Hideaway Bed everpatented in the United States. When the bed was not in use it washoisted to the ceiling and secured by a complicated system ofpulleys and ropes.

When did Thomas Edison invent the first sound recording?

U.S. inventor. He had very little formal schooling. He set up a laboratory in his father's basement at age 10; at 12 he was earning money selling newspapers and candy on trains. He worked as a telegrapher (1862 - 68) before deciding to pursue invention and entrepreneurship. Throughout much of his ca ( Full Answer )

How many patents had Thomas Edison made when he died?

1093! - The largest number held by any one person at that time. Today, there are dozens of companies that get more than that number of patents issued in the USA in a single year. Many of Edison' patents were invalid because he stole the ideas, including all of his so-called "light bulb patents ( Full Answer )

Who invented the patented extinguisher in 1872?

The wet standpipe invention patented in 1872 by Thomas J. Martin was called a "fire extinguisher", but was made of permanently installed pipes running up inside a building to valves with nozzles to spray the water to put out a fire. Today, "fire extinguisher" refers to a portable, self-contained ( Full Answer )

Can you patent an idea of a new invention?

Absolutely, that is the entire purpose of patents : toprovide a protected means of disclosure of new inventions so thatinventors can make profit off them without having to worry aboutfighting competition, thus encouraging them to invent even more. Without patents the moment you brought your invent ( Full Answer )

Why does an invention have to have a patent?

Patents are not required, but they do enable you to exploit your invention before someone else does. The vast majority of inventions are either not patentable, were never patented or their patents have expired.

Who did lady Byron invent the first computer program for?

The program that Ada Augusta Countess of Lovelace wrote for Babbage's (never built) Analytical Engine was simply an appendix to her English translation of an Italian mathematician's paper on the machine. It was written solely as an illustration of usage of the machine. She wrote it for her readers.

How many days did it take for thomas Edison to get a patent?

It varied based on the level of complexity of the claim, and even the business of the patent office. One of his later patents took more than 10 years to be awarded; he'd been dead for a year and a half by the time it was done.

How can i get a patent for my invention?

You would need to file a patent application and that usually requires a patent attorney to handle all of the necessary arguments, filings and fees involved in the examination process.

When did Edison patent the telegraph?

Several telegraphs were patented in the UK and US in 1837, none by Edison. The US patent was awarded to Samuel Morse. Edison did patent the Phonograph in 1877.