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Inventions during the 1940's involving cooking included refrigerators, dishwashers, and small appliances. Electric refrigerators replaced ice boxes. Stand mixers replaced the wooden spoon and manual egg beater, making baking much easier.

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What were some inventions in the 1940s?

In the 1940s, it was the saddest time for WWII has started. Many things were invented, like weapons. Oh, and the frisbee was also invented. The first computer too. Hope I helped

What inventions were made during the 1940s?

Radar Television

When was kickball invented?

Kickball was invented in the 1940s.

When was nutella invented?

In the 1940s

How many inventions came out of the trips to the moon?

Too many to give a definitive answer; certainly in the hundreds. Although two of the most common quoted (Teflon and Velcro) were actually invented in the 1940s.

When was the jive invented?

early 1940s

Who invented slacks?

a designer in the 1940s

What cars was invented in the 1940s?


When was American kickball invented and who invented it?

Kickball is reported to have been invented in the early 1940s.

When was the first clock radio invented?

In the 1940s.

What year was navigation systems invented?


When were plops invented?

in da 1940s derbrains

When was the microwave oven created?

Cooking food with microwaves was discovered accidentally in the 1940s.

What was school like during the 1940s?

the mcdonalds was invented

When was the flushing toilet invented?

in the 1940s by Thomas Crapper

Was mcdonalds invented in te 1940s?

it could have been

What year was the felt tip pen invented?

the felt tip pen was invented in the 1940s

What were some things invented during the 1940s?


When was cable television (CATV) invented?


Was there a raidio invented in 1940s?

Yes, the crosley tube radio

What state was LEGO's invented in?

Legos were invented in Billund, Denmark, by Ole Kirk Christiansen in the 1940s.

Were bikes invented in the 1940s?

Bicycles looking, and working mostly like modern bicycles were invented about 1860

What type of inventions were in the 1940s?

some are electronics like cameras and televisions some are just games like the spring thing

When were computers first found?

Computers were invented in the early to mid 1940s.

What musical period was the saxophone played?

invented for jazz in the 1920s to 1940s

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