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The English translation of the Latin phrase 'labore parta' is the following: born out of labor. The word-by-word translation is as follows: 'labore' means 'from or out of labor'; and 'parta' means 'born or brought forth'. The word 'parta' is the participial form of the verb 'parere', which means 'to bring forth, to bear'.

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Q: What is 'labore parta' in English?
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What is the English translation for Labore Parta?

Gloria immortalis labore parta. Immortal glory is brought forth by labor.

What is 'fide et labore' in English?

By faith and works is the English equivalent of 'fide et labore'. In the word by word translation, the noun 'fide' means 'faith'. The conjunction 'et' means 'and'. The noun 'labore' means 'works'.

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What is the English translation for 'Sic Gloria Labore'?

The English translation of the Latin phrase 'Six Gloria labore' is the following: Thus glory by work. The word-by-word translation is as follows: 'sic' means 'thus'; 'Gloria' means 'glory'; and 'labore' means 'by or through work'. The implication is the notion that glory is something that must be worked for. Therefore, there's glory to be had in work.

What does 'labore cum adorare' mean in English?

Is it possible that the intended phrase is laborare cum ardore, "to toil with eagerness"? This would make a lot more sense than the other wordings that have been presented here: labore cum adorare, which is "by toil when they worshiped", or labore cum adore, which is "by toil with emmer wheat"

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