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J Stevens company was founded in 1864 and then bought by Savage in 1920. Therefore, if the gun is not marked Savage any where, it was made any where from 1864-1920.

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Q: What is Age of Stevens double hammer 12 gauge shotgun marked J Stevens A T Co pants appld for 2510 stamped inside when broke open any idea of value?
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Can you tell Anything about a Hanover Arms 30 Double Barrel double hammer double trigger shotgun with Belgium Steel Barrels stamped across top of bridge and the number 4020 stamped in bottom of barrel?

Stevens 12ga. /mod dhead naught

The value of the Stevens double barrel hammer type 12 gauge shotgun Model 235 Serial A41731 and its value?

What isthe value of a Stevens double barrel hammer type 12 gauge shotgun Model 235 and when was it made?

What is information on a J Stevens double barrel hammer-cap shotgun?

I would have to do some searching to verify this, but I don't believe Stevens ever made a shotgun using percussion caps.

What information on a Nitro Hunter Shotgun single barrel with exposed hammer stamped Belknap Hdwre and Mfg serial A 4472?

nitro hunter shotgun single barrel with exposed hammer stamped belknap hdwre and mfg serial 5516

What is information on N C Greenough hammer double barrels stamped laminated steel?

I own a Greenough dimascase forged barrel shotgun. I'm not familar with the stampted lam.

What kind of old shotgun would have Piedmont stamped on it?

double barrel hammer style 30" semi choke made in 1900s used in prison systems chain gangs

How do you adjust hammer on double barrel shotgun?

Best lef to a gunsmith

Where could you get a picture of an iver johnson hammer action double barrel shotgun?

Go to Google, select IMAGES from the toolbar, and for search term enter Iver Johnson double hammer shotgun.

What can you tell you about a double barrel hammer shotgun with American gun co New York stamped on the side and the serial number 148075?

70-100 yrs old; 50-100 USD

What is the value of a western arms double hammer side by side shotgun?


Where to find cocking lever hammer kit for savage Stevens model 311 double barrel 12 gauge shotgun?

Check Numrich Gun Parts Corp. website

What is the history of a 16 gauge Springfield double barrel shotgun with a hammer that has J Stevens Arms Company Chicopee Falls Mass USA on the barrel?

Manufactured sometime between 1920 and 1948.

What is the value of a j Stevens model 285 double barrel hammer shotgun in 12?

A real nice one can fetch around 500-600 and a working but not so good 400-500.

Bayard 16 ga double barrel hammer shotgun?

50-125 USD

What is value of Antique occidental 12 gauge double side hammer shotgun?


Who was the maker of the double barrel hammer shotgun with The New England stamped on the receiver?

New England Firearms was a division of Marlin, made under the brand H&R.

Stevens arms and tool co double barrel hammer type 12 gauge shotgun Model 235 serial 60779 Do you know what year this was made?

This shotgun was made in the late 1800's... roughly 1875. I currently am in the process of restoring one from my great grandfather.

What is the value of a J Reynolds Belgium double barrel hammer shotgun?

they are selling at auction for around 300.00

Looking for a value for an old double barrel double hammer double trigger shot gun with side bar break stamped J Manton and Co?

it is 114 =[)

What is the estimated manufacture date of a New Ithaca double 12 gauge with exposed hammers SN 123564 stamped 12 A?

I have a partial answer and plan to submit a question. Ithaca hammer shotguns with serial #'s below 33011 were produced before 1899. I have a hammer double barrel stagecoach shotgun with serial # 15864. I will post a question to find out its age.

Stevens arms and tool co double barrel hammer type 12 gauge shotgun Model 235 serial 64329 Do you know what year this was made?

Your Stevens model 235 was made between the years 1912-1916.This is when the Name Stevens arms and tool Co was changed to Stevens arms Co.The model 235 was made from 1912-1935.So the years listed fit into both the name and manufacturing time frame that your shotgun was produced.I hope that you find this informative.

Have an old shotgun with ELG stamped on the barrel other markings like nails stamped too. The chamber opens from the top and flips over on the side. And has a hammer you have to pull.whats the value?

It was made in either Belgium or one of its colonies.

Did Parker Brothers import a double external hammer Royal Damascus 12 gauge shotgun from Belgium?

No. What would the company that produced the finest American double barrel shotgun want with a utilitarian import?

What is a J Stevens Nitro Special shotgun and how much is it worth?

I'm guessing it is a single shot break open shotgun with an exposed hammer. Made sometime after 1900 and worth $50-$100 depending on condition.

How much is a double barrel 12 gauge hammer less Essex shotgun worth?

25-150 usd