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Answer What the person below my answer forgot is the malware will most likely close the browser before you download any of this software. My solution is consult a friend near by and see if they have a store bought copy of an antivirus program. I recommend windows live onecare. You can get windows live oncecare by visiting Maybe you can download it to a cd. Good luck you are up against a formidable opponent AntiVir64 is malware/spyware capable of closing a web browser window and redirecting a new window to a site charging for its own removal. A scan with SpyBot:Search and Destroy, AVG Free, SpyWare Blaster, Kapersky,or AdAware should detect and remove this. is a good source for anti-spyware/malware software. The guide at, listed below, will enable you to remove this infection for free.

Not to be confused with AntiVir: Antivir is a security suite from Avira. It is available in many configurations.

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How to get my computer screen size bigger?

What you can do is get a larger screen and then hook up your computer to the screen. You can even do it with a TV screen.

What is a Computer screen font?

a computer screen font is how you type when your typing.

What is the purpose of a computer screen?

A computer screen is a visual interface, which allows the computer user to see what the computer is doing.

Why does a computer screen looks like a TV?

Because the computer screen works like a tv screen

Video does not turn on while computer is on?

Is your computer screen plugged in? Make sure your computer screen is properly connected to your computer.

How do you get on the computer?

OK so you see a screen and there is a keyboard in front of it that is a COMPUTER! You turn on the screen and you got on a computer!

What screen when operating a computer shows the name of every computer user on the computer?

That's the Log Screen.

What is the pointer on the computer screen called?

the pointer on the computer screen is called "cursor"

How do you flip your computer screen?

press controll alt and any computer screen

Can you look at your computer screen and see yourself?

can you see your self on computer screen.

What is screen in French?

Screen - noun (as in computer screen): écran

What is screen appearance in computer?

lcd screen

What is at the bottom of the computer screen?

The screen surround.

Does a touch screen computer have a lock?

You can give your touch screen computer a padlock, if need be.

What is the top of the screen on a computer called?

Title Bar is the top of Screen on Computer Monitor.

What if there was an electrical storm and the computer screen goes black?

The computer screen could have becomed damaged and so might the computer.

Screen in computer is an input?

A computer screen is only an input device if it works with Touch Screen Technology else its output only

What is the name of the glass on a computer?

the computer screen

What is the pointer on a computer screen called?

the cursor is the pointer on a computer screen that moves as you move the mouse.

What is the converse If your computer screen is turned on then you will see pictures?

If you see pictures, then your computer screen is turned on.

How do you make the computer full screen?

If you press 'F11' the computer will turn into full screen mode.

What measurement do use to measure a computer screen?

you would use a ruler to measure a computer screen.

What is the purpose of a screen saver on a computer?

To save the screen.

Why is my computer screen black?

How can you see the answer? YOUR SCREEN IS BLACK!

What is a CRT screen?

What is a CRT screen and what is advantage and disadvantage CRT screen of computer?