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What is Antivir64 that popped up on the computer screen throughout the day?

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December 23, 2008 3:25AM

Answer What the person below my answer forgot is the malware will most likely close the browser before you download any of this software. My solution is consult a friend near by and see if they have a store bought copy of an antivirus program. I recommend windows live onecare. You can get windows live oncecare by visiting Maybe you can download it to a cd. Good luck you are up against a formidable opponent AntiVir64 is malware/spyware capable of closing a web browser window and redirecting a new window to a site charging for its own removal. A scan with SpyBot:Search and Destroy, AVG Free, SpyWare Blaster, Kapersky,or AdAware should detect and remove this. is a good source for anti-spyware/malware software. The guide at, listed below, will enable you to remove this infection for free.

Not to be confused with AntiVir: Antivir is a security suite from Avira. It is available in many configurations.