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Bangladesh is famous for sunderbans (world's largest mangrove forest- a treasure chest of wild life), cox's bazaar beach (world's longest beach), the hill tracts (, its rivers and fertile land.

Bangladesh is one of the largest exporters of jute, and clothes. fish and vegetables are also exported a lot to Middle East.

Bangladesh is famous for the largest mall in South Asia (13th largest in the world); Bashundhara city.

Bangladesh is famous for 1971 liberation war, the language movement which UNESCO declared as international mother language day.

Yunus Muhammad won nobel prize, and also Bangladeshi civil engineer and architect Fazlur Rahman khan was the designer of sears tower, airport in Saudi Abaria and etc. He was awarded by Saudi king for "making outstanding contribution to Islamic architecture" One half bangladeshi guy names Jawed Karim is the co-creator of youtube. This guy as well:

Muslin ( a very popular clothing of the past, traded by European and arabian merchants, originated from Dhaka.

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Q: What is Bangladesh famous for?
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