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In the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, Bathory refers to a powerful vampire family that is known for its dark and aggressive nature. They are one of the main rivals of Vladimir Tod and play a significant role in the overall conflict within the series. The Bathory family is feared and respected among the vampire community for their strength and cruelty.

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Bathory is the name of the town that Vladimir Tod lives in with his Aunt Nelly.

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Q: What is Bathory in the chronicles of Vladimir Tod?
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Where does Vladimir tod live?

Vladimir Tod, the fictional character from the "Chronicles of Vladimir Tod" series, lives in Bathory. Bathory is a fictional town created by the author, Heather Brewer, for the setting of the series.

Who wrote the chronicles of Vladimir Tod?

The author of "The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod is Heather Brewer!

Where did eighth grade bites take place?

"Eighth Grade Bites" is a book in the "The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod" series by Heather Brewer. The story takes place in Bathory High School in Bathory, Pen-sylvania, a fictional American town where the protagonist, a teenage vampire named Vladimir Tod, navigates the challenges of adolescence and his dual identity.

Is Bathory in Chronicles of Vladimir Tod a place?

No I've looked it up several times, but sadly there isn't. But if it was a real town i would live there.

How many books are in the series of The Chronicles Of Vladimir Tod?

There are five books that compose The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Series.

How many pages does the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod 2 have?

The second Chronicles of Vladimir Tod book - Ninth Grade Slays - has 278 pages.

When will the chronicles of Vladimir tod be published?


What is the 5th book of Vladimir tod?

The fifth book is: The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: 12th Grade Kills

What state does Vladimir Tod live in?

Bathory... I don't know exactly what state but i think Arizona... Does this answer your question ^_^

What state does Vladimir Tod live?

No one knows because Stokerton and Bathory don't even exist.

What is the town of bathory?

I don't think so because I've read the Vladimir Tod series and they were talking about Bathory so i looked it up and it's not a place.

What point of view is the chronicles of Vladimir tod?

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod is written in a first-person point of view, allowing readers to experience the story through the eyes and thoughts of the main character, Vladimir Tod.