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What is Bolex Fabrics?

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Umm idk what it is ether but i got that same email from them and i sent an email back to them asking for more information about them from an alternate email and told them for all i know i would be collecting drug money from them ^^. when i find out more ill let you know.

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Is Bolex Fabrics Ltd a scam?

If they are asking you to process payments from their customers - YES!

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If I remember correctly, he uses a 16-mm Bolex.

What is the value of a Bolex H-16 Reflex Motion Camera?

Probably one to four depending on condition and accsesories

How can you recycle fabrics?

you can recycle fabrics again by using the fabrics again

What has the author Rosalie P Giles written?

Rosalie P. Giles has written: 'Dressmaking with special fabrics' -- subject(s): Dressmaking, Textile fabrics 'Fabrics For Needlework' 'Fabrics for needlework' -- subject(s): Textile fabrics, Textile industry and fabrics

When was The Fabrics created?

The Fabrics was created in 2001.

Where can you buy upholstery fabrics?

There are many companies and websites that offer upholstery fabrics for sale. Some of these companies that offer fabrics are Fabrics, Etsy and Calico Corners.

Do moths eat fabrics?

yes they do. Mostly moth's offspring enjoy to be in the folding of fabrics and feast on fabrics.

How many fabrics are there?

There are over 500 designs and fabrics

What are some good drapery fabrics which don't fade in the sunlight?

There are many good drapery fabrics that don't fade in the sunlight. Examples of good drapery fabrics that don't fade in the sunlight includes silk fabrics and woven fabrics.

What are the advantages of woven fabrics?

Woven fabrics are usually stronger than knit fabrics, and they hold their shape better.

What textiles are used at home?

Towelling fabrics, tablecloth fabrics, upholstery fabrics on sofa and chairs, curtain fabrics, bedding, bed linens, rugs, clothing fabrics and knitting wools are some. The type of fabrics can be towelling, cotton, linen, silk, damask, velvet, corduroy, wool, nylon, etc.

Information about nonwoven fabrics?

they are fabrics, which are not woven. that's about all.

What is the plural for fabrics?

Fabrics is the plural. The singular form is fabric.

Where can I shop for fabrics online?

You can shop for fabrics online at

What type of fabrics does collette dinnigan use?

luxurious fabrics

Do knitted fabrics fray?

No, knitted fabrics does not fray. That makes them a decentalternative to other fabrics that are prone to fraying like wovenfabrics.

What are fabrics made of?

Fabrics can be made out of any number of materials. The most common fabrics are made from cotton, nylon, and silk.

What is the origin of cloth?

The origin of cloth is :fabrics used in AncientGreece. fabrics that are made by weaving,felting, and knitting. The origin of cloth is :fabrics used in AncientGreece. fabrics that are made by weaving,felting, and knitting.

What are the types of fabrics used for curtains and draperies?

how many types of fabrics are used for curtains? how many types of fabrics are used for curtains?

What are natural fabrics?

fabrics which get their sources from nature are natural fabrics. eg. silk from silkworm cotton from cotton plant wool from sheep

What is the abstract of why synthetic fabrics are more flammable than natural fabrics?

Synthetic fabrics normally are made from polyester, which is a petroleum based,

How do fabrics absorb heat?

Fabrics do not actually absorb heat very well. Fabrics colors hold heat if they are dark but not for long.

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