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What is Chicopee?


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October 10, 2008 2:56PM
A city of southwest Massachusetts on the Connecticut River near Springfield. It was founded c. 1641 and set off from Springfield in 1848. Population: 54,700. I can tell you a bit about Chicopee, first it's my hometown, born and raised here. The name is taken from the Nipmuck Tribe of Native Americans who made the area home prior to the settlment of the English. In most Algonquin dialects the name Chicopee likely is derived from the words "chekee" which means violent, and "pe" which means waters. Refering to rapids (violent waters). This theory also makes sense seeing as the Chicopee river runs through the city, and has a fairly strong water fall and area of rapid waters. Another theory is the word Chikkuppee which means (of cedar) or (coming from cedar) so this is another option. Chicopee was the home of General Arthur McCarthur, one of our nations most famous MILITARY GENERALS, and father to the even more well known, General Douglas McCarthur.