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What is Christianphobia?


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May 10, 2013 10:09PM

Christianphobia (usually called Christianophobia or Christophobia) is the irrational fear or hatred of Christians or Christianity. It mirrors the use of the word Islamophobia by Muslims.

The extent of Christianphobia in the UK is debatable.

One view:

In many parts of the UK there is a new aggressive atheism that for the last decade has been sweeping all areas of UK society. It is being led by a number of aggressive academic atheists; who are encouraging the persecution, ridicule and mocking of Christianity and Christians. Their ultimate aim is to eradicate Christianity from all parts of society, including Education, Government departments mainstream media; TV, Radio etc. These atheists have created an environment where it is a fun sport to bully Christians and intimidate them if they dare to declare their Christian faith publicly especially in the work place or in public life. This attitude towards persecuting Christians is now known as Christianphobia.

Another view:

In the West, Christianphobia is a term used by certain ambitious members of the faith to encourage feelings of victimization and fear among their fellow co-religionists, over whom they can then influence. A "Christianphobe" is undefined, but typically an atheist with an interest in politics who asks demanding questions of the faithful. They may or may not be of an anti-theist persuasion, and here lies the problem; the term Christianphobe is used predominantly as a blanket smear against any non-Christian who takes issue with any aspect of Christianity.