Climatology and Climate Changes

What is Climate?

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The weather conditions prevailing in an area in general or over a long period of time.
Put simply the climate of some place on Earth is the daily weather that place experiences over the year. Places nearer the equator are generally hotter than places nearer the poles of the planet and places nearer the poles experience seasonal changes in their weather but after that the climate of a place is dictated by the planetary wind systems and the amount of moisture (precipitation) this brings.

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Climate either refers to the weather in a particular area, or to the mood (the emotional "weather") in a particular place or group of people.

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What are the six types of climate?

Tropical ClimateTemperate ClimatePolar ClimateMediterranean ClimateMountain ClimateCoastal Climate

What are the climate zones of Asia?

Tropical rainy climate, tropical monsoon climate, tropical savanna climate, tropical desert climate, tropical desert climate, subtropical monsoon climate, Mediterranean climate, monsoon climate of medium latitudes, temperate continental climate, coniferous forest climate, tundra climate, Plateau mountain climate.

What three factors keep your climate balanced?

three factors are climate CLIMATE CLIMATE CLimate

What is the climate in Liberia?

The climate is a tropical climate.

Which is better California's climate or the California climate?

You can say either the Californian climate, or California's climate but not the California climate

What climate zones exist in California?

California has a Mediterranean type climate. There are 5 main zones. The climate zones that exist in California are the Coastal Climate, the Desert Climate, and the Foothill Climate. It also has a Mountain Climate and a Valley Climate.

Does Greece have a tropical climate?

Tropical climate, based on Wikipedia about Tropical Climate, is climate of the tropics. The climate of Greece itself is Mediterranian, a variety of subtropical climate.

Major types of climate of India?

the types of climate are tropical climate , subtropical climate

How does climate affect the urban climate?

the effect is that the climate changes into a cooler or warmer climate.

What types of climate impact Europe?

Europe has four main climates: Oceanic climate, Mediterranean climate, continental climate, and subarctic climate.

What is climate vertical?

vertical climate is the climate at the top of a mountain.

What is the climate in the Taiga?

The type of climate that the Taiga have is a snow climate.

Uruguay is it tropical climate or what kind of climate?

No - it has a Temperate climate.

A climate caused by elevation is what kind of climate?

a highland climate

What three climate zones are found in Latin America?

Dry climate, Tropical Climate, and Mild Climate

What are the three main climate zones of most of Europe?

Oceanic Climate Mediterranean Climate Continental Climate

Where are the 3 climate zones?

Tropical Climate Zone, Temperate Climate Zone and Polar Climate Zone.

Four general climate regions?

The four general climatic regions include tropical climate, dry climate, continental climate, and polar climate.

Which is colder subarctic climate or tundra climate?

Tundra Climate is colder

What was the social climate?

because of the political climate, the social climate was colder.

The climate of the southeast is?

a subtropical climate but i don't know how to describe the climate

What is netherland climate?

Oceanic Climate, also called European Climate.

What is the definition of a climate zone?

A climate zone is an area with the same climate.

Into what main divisions can climate be grouped?

mEDITERRANEAN CLIMATE Humid Subtropical climate Marine West Coast Climate

Is Argentina a cold climate or a hot climate?

Argentina is usually a hot climate. It can be a cold climate during the winter.