What is Colombia like?

Colombia is absolutely amazing. It is a country in South America full of culture. The people here are warm and energetic. When foreigners come, they tend to love it because of the welcoming people and all that there is to do. We not only have Atlantic AND Pacific Ocean, but we have the Amazon Rainforest, three big mountain ranges, cold weather, hot weather...everything.

If you come to Colombia, you know you will have fun. People have an immense party spirit here and are always ready to have fun. Bogota is the capital of Colombia, and it has so much to do (concerning cultural things). But Cali is the third biggest city and it is known as the party city. Also, Colombians think in very "community"geared ways. They will help anyone they can, even if it is not asked of them. Imagine going up to someone and asking where some specific store is, before you know it, someone else is answering your question as they pass by.

Apart from the wonderful things, yes there is poverty. A LOT. We are a developing country though. An immense part of the population is very poor and you will see a lot of it if you come, so be aware. But it serves as an excellent learning experience. it really does change your perspective when you see it face to face. It is an inspiration to change things.

In terms of danger, it is....if you go and hike up the mountains in Colombia. Otherwise, you just have to know where to go and where not to go...find the good areas, and guaranteed you will be fine.
All in all, Colombia has absolutely insane amounts of spirit, fun, culture, and tradition.