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What is Court outcome for juvenile trespassing charge?

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The exact outcome will depend on the criminal history of the minor as well as the circumstances of the incident. It could be community service, or it could a remand to a juvenile detention center.

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What is the federal juvenile court is called?

There is no federal juvenile court

What is the name of the federal juvenile court?

There is no federal "juvenile court." Juvenile court issues such as custody, support, visitation, etc, are state court issues.

What are the remedies of a juvenile court system?

What are the remedies in a juvenile court system?

Can you get out of a tobacco charge?

Yes only if the judge is willingly allowing you to settle it in juvenile court,might have to do community service.

What can VA court charge or sentence you by being charge with trespassing a public park during of hours?

No location (town/city/county) is given. Several courts COULD have jurisdciction: Justice of the Peace Court - Magistrate's Court - Municipal Court - County Court. It all depends on what ordnance or statute you were charged with, and/or whether an appropriate level of local court exists where you were charged.

What happens if charged as a minor but no court date and you turn 18?

Depending on the seriousness iof the charge, you will probably still be tried under the Juvenile Court guidelines.

What is purpose of the preliminary hearing in juvenile court i?

the purpose of a preliminary hearing in juvenile court is to

Who hears juvenile cases?

Juvenile Court judges.

It the nationwide juvenile court system in Washington DC?

There is no such thing as a "nationwide juvenile court system."

What does it mean to fight for your fitness as a juvenile?

The court is attempting to send the juvenile to be tried in adult court

Why do some juvenile offenders get there case in adult court rather than juvenile court?

all Juveniles who display conduct that is determined to be adult conduct get moved to criminal court. Juvenile court is a civil proceeding, not criminal. Thus a "conviction" in juvenile court is called an adjudication. If a juvenile wants to act like an adult then they should be treated as such.

How long do you stay in jail for trespassing?

Depends on the law where you are, and the sentence of the court. Here in Virginia, you CAN be sentenced to 12 months in jail for trespassing.

What type of court a juvenile is tried in?

In most jurisdiction juveniles are tried in a separate "juvenile court" unless they commit a serious crime that has the court elevate their offender status to that of an 'adult.' Then the juvenile is tried in adult court.

Why would a juvenile's crime be heard in Superior court?

If a juvenile is charged as an adult, the trial will be heard in Superior Court.Added: . . . otherwise most court systems have a separate track for juvenile offenders - Juvenile Court.

What does Open Juvenile mean?

"Open Juvenile" is short for an open juvenile court case.

Clayton is a juvenile and has been charged with grand theft auto Which court will hear his case?

Juvenile court.

What piece of 1899 legislature became the model for juvenile court statutes throughout the nation?

In 1899, Illinois passed the Juvenile Court Act. This established the nation's first independent juvenile court.

What is the salary for a juvenile court counselor?

it depends on your state and county averaged about juvenile court counselor trainee about $26,257 in 12 months 18 months about $27,632 24 months $28,729 juvenile court counselor I $27,362 - $44,890 juvenile court counselor II $29,826 - $49,174

What is the maximum punishments for a juvenile who assaults another?

It depend on if the court decides to charge you as a minor or as an adult. Just because someone is not 18 years old does not mean they will not charge you as an adult for a crime.

Does a juvenile court have appellate jurisdiction?

No, but Supreme Court does.

What was the outcome of Alistair ramsays court case in dundee sherriff court today?

What was the outcome of alistair ramsay court case in dundee

What is the penalty for Second Degree Trespassing in North Carolina?

If the person has never had a conviction for trespassing before, they get slapped with a fine of up to $500. If they have had a conviction before, its up to 30 days in jail and a fine of up to $1000. what if they dont show up for there court date and they issue a arrest warrant for them on the charge

Will the court extradite a 16 year old on a delinquency petition if I have sent him to anotehr state before it was completed?

They may not extradite the juvenile but you have probably left YOURSELF open to a charge of Contempt Of Court.

In the georgia judicial system the court most likely to hear an appeal from the juvenile court is the?

In the Georgian judicial system, the court most likely to hear an appeal from the juvenile court is the State Court of Appeals.

What are the defendant's two options in a civil case?

Actually they have THREE options. Plead to che charge - await the outcome of the trial - or settle out of court.