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What is David Bowie's sexual orientation?


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May 25, 2010 4:19AM

David Bowie "outed" himself in the 1970s by publicly admitting he is bisexual.

He has since commented that he doesn't want to make a big deal out of his being bisexual; however, he has never denied his sexual orientation.

This does not make him "gay" because he is attracted to both sexes, not just men.

He is married to a woman named Iman, who is a former supermodel. They have a daughter.

A person can be both married and bisexual. Bisexuality is a sexual orientation which doesn't necessarily change just because the person chooses to have a monogamous relationship with someone.

i recently heard on a radio show in NYC that Bowie's manager made up rumors that Dave was gay because mick ronson the bands lead guitarist and pretty boy was getting more girls than Dave so they spread the rumor he was gay girls loved men with gay streak back then they