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What is Djinn in Arabic mythology?


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February 10, 2008 8:48AM

The term Jinn is often reffered to a variety of beings in the spirit world. However it is commonly used for a specific type of entity. They differ from paranormal creatures like Lochness Monster, Sasquatch or Mermaid. And they are often referenced differently, yet closely related to the Fay. Yet they are different enough from them to have their own category. Djinns should not be seen as just plain parallel beings. Even though they are more limited than angels and don't have the wealth of everyday life experiences that we do, they are very old, knowledgeble and powerful. They are entities existing in the inner planes of spirit. The world of God, Jesus and Allah. The world that helped to create and rule our world. They they work closely with angels, deal with gods such as death and fate and watch over our world every so often as they move through the planes. They however are still living entities and are still subject to flaws unlike the higher spiritual beings. Yet they are not to be mistaken for the whims and flaws of humanity. They still have the knowledge, understanding and experience of almost an angel and they are much older than our known world bringing them close to gods. Yet the Earth may have been here by the middle to last of the Jinn. Jinn are very powerful, and are away from our Earthly struggle. They have no need for buildings, researches, technology and are so ahead of us time cannot measure it and that is why they help us out. Away from the idea of bottles and lamps because i don't even know if this myth has factual basis. The realm of the jinn even though divine in position is equally important in their coexistence. They can often come to us pure, bringing wisdom, intimacy or blessings. There may be a small angelic brownie like spirit around you. The jinn are connected with the endless realms of godlike knowledge, forces of creation, nature, and spirit. They pass through the realms of emotion and are the mimic of our souls if we were to be close to god and away from the ignorance, questions, and superficiality of the human world. They can also be seen as parallel beings that come from an unconfined, inconceivable spirit world that come to assist us every once in a while. Yet many of them a while ago chose evil and are known for it. They are so horrible and powerful they can often be mistaken for fallen angels. All jinns even wicked ones know far past physics, philosophy and actually live void of needing to strive for these things. They live in the world of our imaginations. They have no need for substance or sight. The feed themselves with energy. They drink with sex. They are almost like our spiritual partners. Yet us not having this as humans is what gives us the gift of life and growth and with there knowledge they know this is special. Jinns pass in and out of realms and only interfere when necessary. Some work with Faerie and some gently aid angels. Jinns can express feminine masculine or androgynous energy, but in the purest of the sense not bogged down by human means. Yet there are many levels and variations of jinn and each come with there own meaning, but all in some way exceed mankind by far. Yet jinns still have desires, and curiosities but they are governed by different rules and still have more information pass through them easily. It could be very possible people, lovers, children especially and beings that we see in our dreams that talk to us directly and appear so real could be jinns. In this way the lower, younger classes can learn what they wish from us and still get there chance to connect. Jinn cannot be caught on to and even the wisest mystics accepted this. You will be surprised but jinn could be behind our ear right now, in our dreams or even in our computer, but don't worry it is all a part of the process and is governed by rules. Other information on the jinns is very common but i chose to clarify it with an enhanced personal background into a defined yet honest world of the jinn. This is away from "Wishmaster."