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I have an ornate table with EF.EF Industries, INc.

Lamp dated 1971


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My EE EF lamp is marked Chicago if that is any help.yes

i have a similar lamp - don't know the value but these ultra gaudy lamps that were made for a short time in the 1970s are becoming very collectible

Not sure if this is the same EF & EF you were looking for- but- EF & EF industries was a decorative lamp company in Chicago during the 70's. They made huge (25+ inches in height) ornate glass lamps. I have an amber one with a nightlight in the base- very pretty if you like 70's vintage. I don't know if they still exist but the lamps are worth 70$ nowadays- last I heard.

i have a ef&ef green lamp #502. how much is it worth

contrary to alot of peoples beliefs ef ef industries is the maker of the base and only the base the glass part of the lamp could be made by any of a number of glass makers

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i bought mine at a thrift store for 17 bucks.i looked it up 6 months later and found it for sale for 45.i love that lamp and looking for a match.big shaggy and

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I am not sure what your question is , but i have the samelamps, they are quite large and gaudy as you say, , I did until a few years have the original shades on them, but they have since desentagrated,,

In EF about $375; in AU about $1900.

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