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"English for non-native speakers" would likely be a class or classes for people whose first language is a language other than English. The class or classes would be tailored specifically for the needs of people who speak other languages first.

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Q: What is English for non native speakers?
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Why do non native English speakers mix English with their native language?

Non-native English speakers mix English with their native language because they don't think in English, and because of mother tongue interference.

What language has the most non-native speakers?

English has the most non-native speakers worldwide, mainly due to its status as a global lingua franca and the widespread use of English for communication in business, education, and technology.

Which language has the highest number of non- native speakers?

English has the highest number of non-native speakers in the world due to its widespread use as a global lingua franca in business, education, and technology. It is estimated that there are over a billion non-native English speakers worldwide.

Do native English speakers need accent reduction courses?

It is not necessary for native English speakers to take accent reduction courses unless they want to modify their accent for personal or professional reasons. Accents are a natural part of language variation and do not necessarily impact communication effectiveness.

What English words are most often mispronounced by non-native English speakers?

Many! I have found that it depends on the native language.

Second most spoken language in the world?

Either English or Spanish--Spanish if you're counting native speakers, English if you're counting native and non-native.

Is there such a word as tofel?

TOFEL is an exam for non-native English speakers to attend American colleges and universities.

What language has the greatest number of non-native speakers in the world?

My guess is English, but the question is tricky. Non-native speakers does NOT mean every single speaker of English born outside of the UK, North America and Australia. There are many different Englishes, including the English spoken as a first or dual language by natives of India, the Philippines and other places. English is on the move, and there is no stopping her.

What is online ESL?

ESL stands for English as a Second Language. Online ESL is therefore a label for systems that teach English to non-native English speakers.

Are there more English or Spanish speakers in the world?

There are more English speakers in the world than Spanish speakers. English is the third most spoken language globally, while Spanish is the fourth most spoken language.

How come people who is not natve speaker can have their accent?

Non-native English speakers get their accent in large part from their native language. For instance, French-speakers have difficulty with the "th" sound in English and instead pronounce a zed. The "h" is usually silent in French also, and French-speakers can't aspirate it, so the English "this is the help I need" would be pronounced "Zis is the 'elp I need". In addition, non-native speakers pick up the accent of the English they have learned, so that Italian immigrants in Australia have both Australian and Italian accents. Sometimes, the English accent can affect the non-native speaker's language so that when an Italian-Australian returns home to Italy for a visit, their Italian has an Australian accent.

What is the most common language in Europe?

1st. Russian With 106,000,000 Native Speakers 2nd. German With 97,000,000 Native Speakers 3rd. French With 66,000,000 Native Speakers 4th. Italian With 65,000,000 Native Speakers 5th. English With 50,000,000 Native Speakers