What is Forks Washington in Seattle Washington?

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forks is a town in washington state. seattle is a whole seperate city in washington, and much bigger as well
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Is there a college in forks Washington?

Forks is a real city, but you must realize that it is a real small town near the coast of Washington. There is not a college there but you may go to a college in a nearby city

Where is Seattle Washington?

The Pacific Northwest! King county about 2h30 drive from Vancouver british Columbia and about 2h30-3h from portland!

How long would it take to drive from Seattle Washington to Forks Washington?

The approximate driving time and mileage information - Between: Seattle, WA and: Forks, WA Driving miles: 140 Driving time: 3 hrs 15 mins - is based on traveling non-stop

Does Seattle Washington have Washington D.C. in it?

No. Seattle, Washington is a city in Washington state. Washington D.C. is the capitol of the United States and is located between Virginia and Maryland. The D.C. in Washington