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Business conditions in general

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Q: What is General Physical Conditions?
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What are the physical conditions that cause metamorphism?

what are the physical conditions that causes metamorphism?

Are allergies physical conditions?

Allergies are not physical conditions. Most are caused by chemicals. The chemicals may be pollen or something else.

IS weather a common noun or abstract noun?

The noun 'weather' is a common noun, a general word for atmospheric conditions.The noun 'weather' is a concrete noun; a word for the physical conditions that exist in the atmosphere relating to temperature, precipitation, and other features; a word for physical conditions that can be seen and measured.

What physical conditions may doctors note in an AIDS patient?

The general physical examination may range from normal findings to symptoms that are closely associated with AIDS. These symptoms are hairy leukoplakia of the tongue and Kaposi's sarcoma.

All of the physical and biological conditions in which an organism lives and how it uses these conditions?


What conditions does physical change occur in materials?

It varies with the material and the physical change.

The physical conditions of the natural surroundings are?


What is sarapasly?

I believe that "sarapasly" is an improper spelling of cerebral palsy (CP). This general term is used to describe a group of muscular motor conditions which can cause physical disability.

What does breath therapy treat?

Most breath therapies are commonly used both to promote general well-being and to address specific psychological, physical, and/or spiritual conditions.

If your physical health is bad does that affect your mental health?

Yes. In fact, psychiatrists factor in significant general medical conditions under "axis III" of the assessment and plan for their patients.

How many calories will I need in a day?

Depends on several variables: activity level, physical condition, environmental conditions, extremes of heat and cold, general nutritional content of food.

What are the conditions that bring about physical changes?

cold temperature

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