George Washington
George Washington Carver

What is George Washington Carvers Middle Name?


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his middle name is Washington


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Mary. She was kidnapped and then the Carvers raised him. Their names were Moses and Susan Carver.

She was George Washington Carvers wife and the name of his mother.

George Washington was never given a middle name.

George Washington Carver's middle name was just said yourself in your question his middle name was Washington.

No. As was not unusual in his day, George Washington was not given a middle name.

Growing up George Had been known as Carver George. When he started school he went by the name: "George Carver". He later added the W and told his friends it was Washington. That's how he got the name "George Washington Carver"

Because there were 2 George carvers and their mail would get mixed up.

George Washington had no middle name

George Washington did not have a middle name so no middle initial exists for the first US President.

George Washington was his full name. (He had no middle name.)

He originally had no middle name. He was originally "George" but the person who owned him was a "carver" so he was "Carver's George". Later, in school, there was another George Carver, so he added Washington as his middle name.

You have written the answer to your own question!!!George Washington Carver.

George Washington, the first US president, did not have a middle name.

The doctor who delivered George washington was Dr. Eskridge. This was really the presidents middle name.

George was the son of slaves, his family owned by a man named Carver. When he went to Iowa State Agricultural College, he adopted the middle name Washington, reportedly because there was another George Carver at the school.

George Washington was actually the first United States President who did not have a middle name. He served from 1789 to 1797.

George Washington's real name was George Washington.

because George Washington wanted to name it after him.

George is his middle name, his first name is Frederick.

Yes, George Washington had a half-brother name Lawrence Washington.

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