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swearing and saying 'done' alot
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Is Gordon Ramsay married?

Answer . Ramsay married Cayetana Elizabeth Hutcheson (known as Tana), a Montessori -trained schoolteacher, in 1996 . The couple have four children: Megan, twins Jack and Holly, and Matilda. Ramsay's father-in-law, Chris Hutcheson, is responsible for the business operations of Ramsay's restauran ( Full Answer )

Where does Gordon Ramsay live?

Gordon Ramsay lives in Wandsworth. However, you can contact him under this address: 1 Catherine Place, London, SW1E 6DX

What knives does Gordon Ramsay use?

Not Global. He has been using Wusthof knives for as long as I can remember and currently has the Classic Ikon range.

Which part of Scotland is Gordon Ramsay from?

He isn't Scottish, he's English. Ramsay was born in Scotland but most accounts claim his family moved to England when he was 5 years of age. There seems to be some discrepancy exactly where he was born, but the general consensus claims his birthplace to be Johnstone, Renfrewshire, Scotland. (Other ( Full Answer )

Is Gordon Ramsay famous?

Yes. He is famous for being a restaurant chef and host of reality TV shows "Kitchen Nightmares" and "Hell's Kitchen".

Who is Gordon Ramsay?

Gordon Ramsay is achef, restaurateur and television shows. In his culinary career hasbeen awarded 16 Michelin stars . In addition to itsculinary aspects, Ramsay is known for presenting televisionprograms and areas of reality TV cooking on both the UK and the US. Among his best-known areas are Hell' ( Full Answer )

What school did Gordon Ramsay go to?

Stratford-upon-Avon High School and North Oxfordshire Technical College for hotel management. He never attended culinary training.

Does Gordon Ramsay have kids?

Yes, he has four children. Holly Anna, Jack Scott, Megan Jane, andMatilda Elizabeth Ramsay. Megan Ramsay (born May 16, 1998) Holly Ramsay (twin, born January 1, 2000) Jack Ramsay (twin, born January 1, 2000) Matilda Ramsay (born November 15, 2001)

Where was Gordon Ramsay educated?

Gordon Ramsay was educated in the UK in England he was taught in a private school and at a young age played semi professional football but due to an injury he could not continue to play.He was educated to cook in different resraunts working as a lower chef until he opened up his own chain of busines ( Full Answer )

Where did Gordon Ramsay get educated?

Gordon spent three years working in France in the kitchens of Guy Savoy and Joël Robuchon. Here he was able to enhance his expertise in classic French cooking. but first he went to college for hotel management in England.. http://www.gordonramsay.com/

Where did Gordon Ramsay Learn to cook?

Gordon Ramsay worked in several top London restaurants in the 1980s, including a notable stint at Restaurant Marco Pierre White. The chef for whom the restaurant was named was Ramsay's mentor and the youngest chef to ever be awarded Three Michelin Stars.

How much money does chef Gordon ramsay make?

He has restaurants all over the world. In Europe, Africa, The Middle east and U.S and they are all high class restaurants! he has approxemately over 850 million dollars. and his earnings are maybe more than 2 million a month.

What are Gordon ramsays 3 restaurants?

Gordon has many restaurants, his first being Aubergine, that he had to close down. His flagship restaurant is Restaurant Gordon Ramsay at Royal Hospital Road in Chelsea, London. His other most famous restaurant is Gordon Ramsay at Claridges. Look on his website for his other restaurants and informat ( Full Answer )

What did Gordon Ramsay say about Tracy Grimshaw?

Celebgalz.com has reported that Gordon Ramsay criticized Tracy Grimshaw for her looks and sexuality. Ramsay showed his audience a picture of a nude woman with pig features, crawling on all fours and possessing several breasts. The picture was evidently photoshopped. Ramsay said the picture was Tracy ( Full Answer )

Is Chef Gordon Ramsay gay?

He's gayer than a cutie tweetie little bird, but he likes to keep it in the closet because he thinks it is shameful.

Is Chef Gordon Ramsay Ticklish?

Very much so. One poke in the ribs and he dies! That's why he quit football. They tickled him too much on the team.

Who influenced Gordon ramsay?

He was influenced by George Orwell, a famous british chef who was also known for his no nonsense mannerisms.

Does Gordon ramsay have a wife?

yep... Ramsay married http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Tana_Ramsay (known as Tana), a http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Montessori-trained schoolteacher, in 1996. The couple have four children: Megan Jane (b. 1998), twins Jack Scott and Holly Anna (b. 2000), and Matilda Elizabeth (b. 2002)

Where did Gordon Ramsay get married?

In London, Ramsay married Cayetana Elizabeth Hutcheson (known asTana), a Montessori-trained schoolteacher, in 1996. The couple havefour children: Megan, twins Jack and Holly, and Matilda.

How long has Gordon Ramsay been a chef for?

His first job as a chef was in 1986 as a station chef at Maxim's inLondon. After numerous other chef jobs he opened his firstrestaurant in 1998.

What college did Gordon Ramsay go to?

North Oxfordshire Technical College He went to North Oxfordshire Technical College where he studied hotel management.

When were Gordon cook and Alan east born?

Gordon Cook was born on December 3, 1978, in Toronto, Ontario inCanada. Alan East was born November 18, 1923, in East Derry, NewHampshire.

How many Michelin Stars does Gordon Ramsay restaurants hold?

Gordon Ramsay has 12 Michelin stars, as of this very moment. Royal Hospital Road- 3 Star, Pétrus- 1 Star (previously this was a 2 star but the Head Chef quit and they just got a Star back in January 2011), Maze 1- Star, Murano-1 Star, The London in NYC-2 Star, Conrad Tokyo-1 Star, The London West ( Full Answer )

What style of cooking is tandori cooking?

Contrary to common belief, many people think that the word "tandoori" refers to a recipe, yet it can be better described as method of cooking. While a tandoor can be used to prepare breads but is also commonly used for preparing marinated meats or vegetables over an intense charcoal fire. A tandoo ( Full Answer )

Was Gordon Ramsay a footballer?

Yes, he was signed and played twice for Rangers before getting a knee injury that forced him to leave football

Why is Gordon Ramsay famous?

He is a famous strict chef. Gordon Ramsay is famous because of his excellent cooking abilities. He was the star of multiple TV shows in United Kingdom, including "Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares" and "Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course."

Has Gordon Ramsay had a face-lift?

There is no currently existing information about Gordon Ramsay ever having a face lift performed on his body.

What books has Gordon Ramsay written?

A Bigger Slice of Pie, Chef for All Seasons, Fish, Fish and Shellfish, Gordon Ramsay: Chef for All Seasons, Gordon Ramsay at His Best, Gordon Ramsay Easy:)

How did Gordan Ramsay get into cooking?

In his youth, Gordon played soccer (football to non-Americans), and was working towards becoming a career athlete. An injury ended that pursuit, so Gordon returned to school to study hotel management. During that time, he was exposed to some world-class chefs and, as a result, he decided to pursue a ( Full Answer )

Who is Gordon Ramsay and what is his expert?

Gordon Ramsay is a chef and is an expert at food and the process of making food. He is known for his negative attitudes in the kitchen and rude remarks.

What are some of the best comebacks that Gordon Ramsay has made?

Gordon Ramsey is a world renown chef, and owns several restaurants. He is known for his hot temper and affinity for perfection in food dishes. One of his claims to fame a the television series where several contestants compete to win a head executive chef's position in a well established restaurant. ( Full Answer )

What is Gordon Ramsay famous for?

Gordon Ramsay is famous for saying the F word in his show Hells Kitchen. He is also known as a talented chef and restaurant owner who has received 12 Michelin Stars.

How many people have worked for Gordon Ramsay?

Gordon Ramsey has had over 500 people work for him in his career. Of these, about 27 of them account for chefs that have run his restaurants. Some of these have won their position.

What movie and television projects has Gordon Ramsay been in?

Gordon Ramsay has: Played himself in "The Late Late Show" in 1962. Played himself in "Parkinson" in 1971. Played himself in "Children in Need" in 1980. Played himself in "Entertainment Tonight" in 1981. Played himself in "Larry King Live" in 1985. Played himself in "Biography" in 1987. Played himsel ( Full Answer )

Would Gordon Ramsay ever feel like punching one of his trainees?

While Gordon Ramsay is known for his outbursts and temper tantrums,one would hope that he would never resort to being violent againsthis trainees or chefs. He grew up with an abusive and alcoholicfather, and is an ambassador of an organization called Women's Aid,a charity in England working to end d ( Full Answer )