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culinary arts :D mexican food is a style of cooking that is a characteristic of Mexico. :o lol

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Q: What is a style of cooking is a characteristic of a place?
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What is delia smith's style of cooking?

Her style is uncomplicated home cooking.

What is cantonese style?

A chinese style of cooking.

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How are American cooking terms different from Russian's?

America's cooking style and food is different from russia because russia has different style and different food to cook.

What is the most important characteristic to look for in a mussel before cooking?

the life

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what is the definition of international food?

International Food or A global cuisine is a cuisine that is practiced around the world. A cuisine is a characteristic style of cooking practices and traditions, often associated with a specific region, country or culture

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What are two examples of French influences in Quebec?

Their style and cooking.

What is mongolian chicken?

a chicken cooked in a Mongolian style of cooking

What does cuisene mean?

the cooking style of someones culture luv

Is teppanyaki Japanese?

Yes. The teppanyaki style of cooking is Japanese

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Candy Wagner has written: 'Cooking Texas style' -- subject(s): American Cookery, Cookery, Social life and customs, Southwestern style, Cooking

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Louise Stallard has written: 'The holiday cookbook' -- subject(s): Holiday cookery, Menus, Holiday cooking 'The Szechuan and Hunan cookbook' -- subject(s): Chinese Cookery, Cookery, Chinese, Hunan style, Szechwan style, Chinese Cooking 'Cooking Szechuan-style' -- subject(s): Chinese Cookery, Cookery, Chinese, Szechwan style

What is a single word used for a style of cooking?

One single word used for a style of cooking is 'cuisine'.While it's a French word which describes a cooking style, it is used worldwide in exactly the same context as it is used in French. So it isn't incorrect, for example, to use the phrase 'Asian cuisine', 'Latvian cuisine', 'Australian cuisine', and so on; the terms simply let us know the area that particular style of cooking - cuisine - is identified with.

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