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If your bike has three sprockets at the front, the smallest innermost one is usually referred to as the granny gear, or possibly the bailout gear. If you're really tired, or the slope is really steep the granny gear is your last option. If you're too tired to push the granny gear(the easiset one) then your only remaining choice is to get off and walk.

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Q: What is Granny gear bicycle?
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What is a granny gear?

Granny Gear is a gear used in pulling trailers, it makes it easy to start moving heavy trailers from a stop.

What is a grandma gear?

well on my truck i have 4 gears low 123, and low gear is my granny gear because it goes very slow. in an automatic your 1 gear or your L gear is your granny gear

Is a bicycle a wheel in axle or a gear?

A bicycle is both.

What is the starting speed of a truck called?

The "granny" gear.

What is a granny 4 speed transmission?

granny 4 speed transmissions came in the older body style trucks, they are technically 3 speed with a low gear, low is considered granny low because of how low the gear ratio is

Can you put gear on a hake bicycle?

Neither I or Google knows what a "hake bicycle" is.... come back with a description.

What is granny gear?

What Is a "Granny Gear?" Opinions vary on what constitutes a "granny transmission," but in a nutshell it's a manual transmission with an extremely low gear ratio that allows the vehicle to crawl along at a super-slow pace akin to that of a kindly old granny shuffling along.

What is a gear chain on a bicycle?

Put simply... it's a circle of links that connects the drive gear (attached to the pedals) to the speed gear(s) - attached to the rear wheel. Rotating the drive gear (using the pedals) transfers the movement to the gear cogs on the rear wheel - which propels the bicycle forwards.

How do you ride a bicycle fast?

Pedal as fast and as hard as you can in an appropriate gear.

How do you change gear on an Edlund?

Google can't find an Edlund bicycle.

Is criag slocombe a tramp?

yes he is because he cant afford a normal house so lives on a stupid granny bicycle

If you are on gear one are you on a big gear or a small gear?

1st gear is the gear where you can pedal with the least resistance. For a bicycle with external gears the chain should be on a big sprocket at the back and a small chainwheel at the front.

What is the Speed Ratio of a bicycle?

The speed ratio of a bicycle is the (gear ratio* radius of the wheel)/ Length of the pedal arm.

How do you calculate the gear ratio on a bicycle?

Count the number of teeth on the front and back chainwheel for a given gear combination on your shifters, and divide.

How do you wheelie on a non gear bicycle?

right when you start to pedal you pull up on the handelbars

Why bicycle has big sprocket?

In order to create a gear ratio you have to have different sized sprockets.

How many wholes are in a bicycle chain?

Bicycle chains are generally cut to size. But most derailer gear bikes use 114-116 link chains.

What are the main features of a GMC Topkick bicycle?

Some of the main features of a GMC Topkick bicycle include, dual suspension and 21-speed gear. One can purchase this bicycle from reputable online retailers such as Amazon.

Why does the rear wheel of a bicycle turn faster than the pedals?

because of the gear ratio and the chain

What 4 letter word means the working part of a car or bicycle which changes the speed?


What is your granny called?

granny is always been granny?

What limits the speed of the bicycle?

A bicycle's speed is limited by several factors. Below is a list of some of these factors that limit bicycle speed. -Gear the bicycle is in. -Weight of bicycle and/or rider. -Size of gears. -Terrain -Tire size -Strength or power of the rider. -One key point to note is that the speed at which a rider can spin the wheel is related to the ratio between the front gear size and the rear gear size. If the front gear is larger than the rear gear, the rear gear(and thus the tire) can achieve a higher spin rate because one spin of the front gear will equate to multiple spins of the rear gear. Therefore the better the ratio is, the faster the bike can travel. Also, the tire size can be a limiting factor of a bicycle's speed. If the rear gear spins at 1RPM and the rear tire has a circumference of 1 meter, then 1 meter will be traveled every minute. So plainly the greater the circumference the better. This also brings in a third factor however, the weight of the tire. At a certain size, the tire becomes so heavy that friction of the wheel on the ground makes it more difficult to achieve motion. The lighter the tire is the less friction it will create.

I have a 4 speed top load trans for a 4x4 Chevy truck im looking for an in between gear between granny and first gear its for a pulling truck?

Think about changing the ratio on your differentials instead.

How do you calculate a gear ratio on a bicycle?

Bicycle gears are measured in inches. The formula is 27 (Size of wheel.) divide by number of teeth on rear sprocket. Multiplied by the number of teeth on chainwheel. Example 27 divide by 18, times 50, equals 75.0 inch gear.

Can a machine multiply input distance?

Force - yes - a crowbar Distance - yes - high gear on a bicycle Energy - no.