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In Yogurt
Greenk yogurt is just regular yogurt that has had a good deal of the water drained from it. This makes is thicker and creamier. You can do the same thing yourself. Just buy regular yogurt, place a paper towel in a strainer and put the yogurt in the paper towel. Put the strainer over a bowl and cover with plastic wrap. Leave it in the fridge overnight and in the morning you'll have nice thick yogurt and the liquid drained off will be in the bowl.
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What is yogurt?

a prepared food having the consistency of custard, made from milk curdled by the action of bacterial cultures, sometimes sweetened or flavored.

What is yogurt made out of?

Yoghurt is actually made of mik but bacteria is introduced to it to give it a yoghurty consistency

How was yogurt invented?

Sir Isac Yougurt was trying to make a jelly ,which further on became jello, but acidentaly mixed 2 elements that made the jelly milk-like making the yougurt.

What was the origin of yogurt?

The word is in Turkish. And, the origin goes back to 2000 BC central Asia turkic-mongol tribes

How was yogurt discovered?

i dont know. I will find soon after i get home and sleep for tomorrows new day

Microorganism in yogurt?

Lactobacilli is the microorganism in yoghurt. It respires producing lactic acid which allows the milk to thicken producing yoghurt.. Lactobacilli is the microorganism in yoghurt. It respires producing lactic acid which allows the milk to thicken producing yoghurt.

What do microbes do in yogurt and why are they there?

It is used to ferment the milk The growth of the bacteria in the milk is what makes the milk become yogurt. If they are not alive, you won't be able to make yogurt. If the milk is too hot when the culture is added, the bacteria will die and the process will fail. If the milk is kept too cold, the b ( Full Answer )

Can you eat greek yogurt during pregnancy?

Not only "can" you, you SHOULD! Greek yogurt is loaded with protein, and pregnant women need a ridiculous amount of protein. It's also got live cultures to fight off any potential infections and keep your digestive system running smoothly.

How is greek yogurt made?

You can search how to make it or just to make it quicker go on: http://www.ochef.com/r171.htm \n. If you search you will find many more websites.

What is in are yogurt?

Yogurt is made from milk. When we add some yogurt to milk and allow it to curdle, you get yogurt. You can make it from skimmed milk through whole milk, milk with more fat give a more creamy consistency. also you can add fruits in the yogurt or chocolate and occasionally nuts

Can yogurt or Greek yogurt be used instead of sour cream?

This works for dips and non-cooked items. If the sauce is to be frozen or cooked, the yogurt will break. If it is used in baking, it has less fat, and may or may not affect the recipe. ....... No.They will taste 100% Different. You can substitute natural yogurt for sour cream in most recipes wi ( Full Answer )

Is yogurt paneer?

Some times it is. But most of the time it is not. To make it paneer you have to use special ingredients.

Can you bake with greek yogurt?

Yes, but you might need to adjust the amount of liquid in your recipe, because Greek yogurt is thicker than regular yogurt.

How many Ml is 50 g Greek yogurt?

mL is a measure of volume g is a measure of mass You need to know the density of the substance you are asking about if you want to convert between volume and mass: Volume (mL) = mass (g) / density (g/mL) (To make a guess you might assume the density of Gr.Yog. to be 1.0 g/ml: then the an ( Full Answer )

Is Greek yogurt good for you?

Yes, Greek yogurt is good for you! It has a lot of protein and no grams of fat in the Greek yogurt!

When does yogurt become yogurt and not milk?

Milk becomes yoghurt when the fermentation is complete. Yoghurt culture breaks down lactose into lactic acid which in turn binds the milk proteins together forming the thickened product. Generally speaking, home fermentation takes approximately 8-12 hours.

Does Greek Yogurt contain lactose?

The lactose in yogurt has been converted in to lactic acid instead. There may be some amounts of lactose in Greek Yogurt, but often not enough for moderately lactose-intolerant people to suffer.

Is Greek yogurt the same as regular yogurt?

No, Greek yogurt is not the same as regular yogurt. However, there are many different kinds of yogurt with different brands or flavors, indicating that there isn't just one regular yogurt.

HOW to make yogurt?

You will need to gather ingredients such as milk, sugar, and salt. You will need to heat the milk. Then, cool the milk and warm the starter. Put the mixture in containers, allow the mixture to incubate and refrigerate. Add any extra ingredients and serve.

Can hamsters have yogurt?

Yes, depending on the kind! The yogurt should have no real taste to it, and it should be nonfat yogurt. This is only a treat though, so don't give it to often!

What is a serving of yogurt?

A serving is about 1/2 cup if it has fruit in it. About a cup if it is plain yogurt without anything else added to it.

Who created yogurt?

Gurtrude people always said Yo gurt cause and Gurtrude thought it would be cool if it was yogurt

What is a TD4 yogurt?

TD4 yoghurt is Boost Juice's own brand of frozen yoghurt. It stands for 'to die for' and is basically their own blend as it contains less sugars etc, and makes their smoothies healthier for them.

What are yogurt?

Yogurt is a gloopy substance ,usually containing fruit. It is edible and mostly fat free. A good start ,if you wish to lose weight.

What is the difference between Greek yogurt and natural yogurt?

Greek yogurt is natural yogurt strained through a muslin cloth/filter paper to remove the whey and make it soft like cheese often made from sheep milk and maintains the sour yogurt flavor. It is used to prepare Greek cuisine preparations. Commercial Greek yogurt is now prepared from cow milk.Someti ( Full Answer )

What animal does greek yogurt come from?

Greek yogurt can come from more than one animal. It is typicallymade from cow's or sheep's milk but in the US, most brands are madewith cow's milk.

What is greek yogurt nutrition?

Greek yogurt contains more nutrition than any other yogurt and is also lower in sugar than other yogurts. Greek yogurt also has more protein than cottage cheese.

Where can you learn more about greek yogurt nutrition?

You can learn more about Green Yogurt Nutrition online, or you can learn about it from many health books with the topic of Probiotics. Greek Yogurt is loaded with Probiotics which are good bacteria that help your body absorb more nutrients from your food.

Is there such a thing as greek yogurt nutrition?

Yes,there is such a thing as greek yogurt nutrition. You can find all the information online not only can you find the nutrition information but, many sites have write ups about the product and ratings.

Is there yogurt in yogurt covered pretzels?

It depends what brand/ who made the pretzels. Some companies will actually use yogurt, when other companies will make a weird substance that tastes like yogurt. The best way to know is to check the ingredients list, the fewer ingredients the better!

Does greek yogurt cause constipation?

If you are allergic to dairy like me, then yes it causes severe constipation. To be sure, just cut out dairy for a few days and reintroduce it once your constipation is gone. If you get constipated again, bingo! I use SwissKriss for constipation, an all natural laxative.

What is the difference between Greek yogurt and regular yogurt?

The difference between Greek yogurt and regular yogurt is this: Greek yogurt is strained through cheesecloth double the times regular yogurt is. Because of this difference in making the two yogurts, Greek yogurt ends up being much creamier and thicker with double the protein.

What are the calories in Greek yogurt?

The specific calories in Greek yogurt are going to depend on the size of the package you are referring to and the other ingredients and flavours included within the recipe.Greek yogurt generally has higher protein, lower carbs but higher fat in relation to regular yogurt.

How does one find a healthy greek yogurt recipe?

There are greek yogurt recipes at Healthy Eating. There are many good tasting recipes on the Healthy Eating site. They also have a magazine that has tons of recipes, including the one you are looking for.

Does Greek yogurt have more probiotics Is it good for acid reflux?

You can purchase Greek yogurts that have probiotics added to them.For reflux, it depends on the amount of acid in the yogurt. Mostyogurts are low in acid, but those that have high fat content orfruit added can be surprisingly high in acid, which triggersheartburn. Answer: please try apple cider vine ( Full Answer )

Is there glutan in greek yogurt?

No, gluten is found in grains such as wheat and barley. So there isno gluten in plain Greek yoghurt.

How do you yogurt?

One simply yogurts by adding yogurt to a yogurt and adding theremaining yogurt to Ding Bong Shing.