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Q: What is Hippocrates first lastand middle name?
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What is Hippocrates middle name?

No middle name, known as Hippocrates of Kos

What was Hippocrates middle name?

No middle name, known as Hippocrates of Kos

What is Hippocrates's middle name?

No middle name, known as Hippocrates of Kos

Does Hippocrates have a middle name?


What is Hippocrates' middle name?


Is Hippocrates his first name or last?

He was and is known as Hippocrates of Kos (Kos being his place of birth)

What was Hippocrates' full name?

hippocrates full is Hippocrates Sclepiades

What is Hippocrates wife name?

hippocrates's wife name is Doriana

What is Hippocrates' last name?

Hippocrates of Kos.

What was Hippocrates first name?

There isn't a straightforward answer to this question, in part because our knowledge of the life history of Hippocrates is very scanty and uncertain. In all, there were seven physicians by the name of Hippocrates who lived around the time it's believed that the Hippocrates you're asking about lived. In addition, the ancient Greeks didn't use first and last names as we do today. However, Hippocrates did live on the Greek island of Cos (also spelled Kos), so his formal name was Hippocrates of Cos.

What is Hippocrates' first middle and last name?

Hippocrates Asclepiades, "descendant of (the doctor-god) Asclepios," but it is uncertain whether this descent was by family or merely by his becoming attached to the medical profession. Legend likewise places him in the family line of the hero Hercules. Son of Heracleides and Praxithea,

What is first name middle name last name?

First is your name middle is your middle name and last is whatever name your dad gave y0u

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