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Religiously observant Jews will not eat any food that is not kosher. The core rules of kashrut (dietary laws) are:

* Land animals must have split hooves and chew their cud.

* Fish have to have scales and fins.

* Birds cannot be amongst those listed as forbidden in the Torah and cannot be hunters/scavengers

* Animals must be killed in a specific manner and must be free of all disease

* As much blood as possible must be removed from meat as consumption of blood is forbidden

* Dairy and meat cannot be combined in the same meal and there's a waiting period between eating one then the other.

* Orthodox Jews and some Conservative Jews will not eat certain fruits and vegetables because it's too difficult to guarantee that all bugs have been washed away (cauliflower, asparagus, and the like).

Additionally, food must be prepared and handled following kashrut. Any food that does not meet these requirements cannot be eaten by those who are religiously observant.

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Q: What is Jewish Kosher?
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Are cookies kosher?

cookies can be kosher, and can be not kosher - depending on whether the ingredients are kosher, and if they were prepared in accordance with Jewish laws.

Are there kosher honeymoons?

Yes! There are Jewish websites for glatt kosher vacations.

What religion has the practice keep kosher?

The Jewish religion practices kosher.

what is kosher certification?

kosher certification is a process by which a company ensures that their food is kosher, or in other words, fit for consumption by observant Jews. Kosher refers to a religious dietary practice that is rooted in Jewish tradition. Contrary to popular belief, kosher food does not refer to Jewish cuisine. Even Thai food can be kosher if it is prepared in accordance with kosher laws, just as Jewish food can be non-kosher if it is not prepared in accordance with those laws.

What part of religon is Kosher?

Jewish People eat food which is Kosher. Jewish people need to observe strict Dietary laws.

What is a kosher pizza?

Kosher pizza is a pizza that contains only Kosher ingredients and is baked according to Jewish law.

What do Jewish eat?

Kosher foods.

Who was kosher?

I don't think kosher was a person. Kosher is a word that refers to foods which conform to the regulations of Jewish dietary law.

How do you find a commercial kosher kitchen?

Jewish websites have information on commercial kosher kitchens

Where was kosher salt found?

In Jewish stores; but kosher salt is identical to common salt.

What are kosher drinks?

Kosher beverages are those that are made or prepared according to Jewish requirements.

What would you have for a starter on a Jewish menu?

Anything you want. If it is a kosher menu, it will be a kosher starter.

Do Jewish people eat ham?

Jewish people who keep Kosher do not eat ham because pork is forbidden by their dietary laws. Jewish people who do not keep Kosher can eat ham.

Why kosher meat differ with other meat?

First of all, there are specific animals that are kosher in accordance with the Jewish law and therefore are permitted for consumption. Besides for the type of animals that are kosher or not kosher, the Jewish law states a specific way to slaughter animals. If this specific technique is not adhered to, the meat is not kosher.

Can Jewish people eat shellfish?

If that Jewish person keeps kosher, then shellfish are not allowed (Deuteronomy ch.14). Not all Jews keep kosher.

Is it kosher to eat pork?

That depends on whether you're Jewish. Pork is not kosher, so if you're Jewish it's not kosher to eat it. But if you're not Jewish then it is kosher for you to eat anything you like, so long as it didn't come from an animal that was still alive. There are some traditional Chinese dishes that are not kosher even for non-Jews, because the animal is eaten alive, but pork isn't one of them.

Is yak meat kosher?

A Yak is a kosher animal, but it would have to be slaughterd and processed according to Jewish law in order for the meat to be kosher.

Is Jewish Rye kosher bread?

There's no such thing as "Jewish Rye" bread. However, if the rye bread in question is made with kosher ingredients in a kosher kitchen and doesn't come into contact with anything non-kosher, it is kosher.Answer:Bread purchased with a label "Jewish Rye" is kosher if it has reliable Kashrut supervision. Look for the relevant symbol on the label.

What can kosher eat?

1st of all, kosher are not people and people are not kosher. The Jewish people keep kosher, a set of dietary laws in the Torah (Jewish bible) People who keep kosher can only eat animals that have split hooves and chew their cud, that are killed in a certain way. They can only eat fish with scales and fins. Nowadays, if you are buying something in a store, kosher products will have a kosher symble on them-showing that they are indeed kosher.

What is the difference between kosher food and halal food?

Muslim is Halal, while Jewish is kosher.

If something is kosher does it have liquor?

If something is "kosher," it simply means that it adheres to Jewish dietary laws.

Is a duck kosher if it is hunted?

No. Jewish law forbids the consumption of kosher animals killed by hunters.

What foods are there at a Jewish wedding?

Kosher food.

What do Jewish not drink?

Non-kosher wine

What is a jewish special diet?

Keeping kosher.