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What is Justin Biebers next music video?


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nobody knows what is Justin biebers next music video when ill know ill tell you i can know even befor him

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This girl named Hannah Kane. She claims she went out with him and that she is the girl in the video. She is Caitlin Beadle's cousin.

Justin Bieber's girlfriend's name in the video Next to You?

if you find the golden ticket in my world 2.0, then you go to vacation with him in the Bahamas and be in his next upcoming music video by finding the golden ticket and submitting your code into

his next music video is Pray.....its a really nice song u gotta listen to it :)

Justin Bieber as these tickets in his albums called "Golden Tickets." You have to buy his album, "My World", in order to be in his music video. Or you can audition, but I don't know too much about that.

Selena Gomez! He's dating her still..

No its gossip. Only one magazine even menions it.

his next music video is called the eyes of blue. its going to be cool. PS don't steal him away from me. (l0l JK) oh and his number is 404 665 3410

Next to you dr.bieber heartache belive mamas boy runaway with me

i know one is "Baby", maybe common denominator?

currently he's on vacation right now, then nobody knows

its suppose to appear in stores before or after Christmas 2010

I believe he is either on a europe tour right now or on a break

The girls in his music video "One Time" are random girls who wanted to be in his video. He had pictures of them and he chose the girls he liked best, anyone can be in the next video.

He has been taught in Georgia. My friend told me. My friend used to go to the school right next to Justin Biebers school.

what do you mean.... it'll obviously be good because hes so gorgeous

Their next video is Iridescent. It will be released May 17

i dont think very many people know they have not told her name i do not think she is anyone famous

his first album is coming out next month on September 15th. it would prob. in target and walmart=]

Someone who wants to get into a music video will need to attend auditions for the videos. To be a dancer in a Justin Bieber video it would be helpful sign up with Project Casting. They have handled casting for several of his videos and they will be able to provide information on when the next casting call will be.

Lady Gaga's next music video will either be Dance in the Dark, Monster, or Speechless.

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